Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Starting from scratch...

The other day I discovered that my not so darling husband deleted everything except for our music off our secondary hard drive. Well, this is where I was storing all of my FULL size original pictures and every layout I have ever done except for some of my most recent work.
Those were on the main drive. All that including my original PSD files.I've managed to recover about 1500 pictures from cd's and 2 old memory cards that I could not bring myself to erase. Good thing Im a packrat by nature huh?

DH feels SO bad for not asking as he usually does before he does anything to the computer... that he's buying me a file recovery program. We ran the trial and found a whole mess of stuff but have to buy it next week when we get paid to actually recover stuff.

I've also gone through my photobucket accounts and downloaded the resized versions, and am going to try to re-scrap them on a much smaller scale. Maybe do a few 6x6 albums and have them printed.I'm sure y'all are gunna be seeing alot of new work from me in the near future... But can you just say UGH!?!?

Take this as a reminder to back up your stuff to CD or DVD's!!