Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another look inside the mind of a loon...

Ok so this is going to be my attempt at some lame journalism, if not for me to vent but to give whoever may happen to be lurking a chuckle and a sigh of relief that it's not THEIR life lol.

Anyway, so I got very little sleep last night.. maybe about 5 hours. Hubby and I were up late reminicising and talking about old times (b/c we are OH SO old!), and then when we did try to go to sleep he kept me awake with his incessant snoring. I swear that man could wake the dead. Normally I can get him to roll over but when he is overly tired, yeah forget it. I slept on the couch til about 5 am and then I went back upstairs as he was getting ready for work.

Have I mentioned that I am NOT a morning person? I'm horrible lol. So, Im able to drag my butt out of bed as my older boys are about ready to leave for school. I walk into the dining room where I find my 2 and 3 yr old covered in yogurt b/c they snuck into the fridge while I was peeing and ate it with their hands.

8:00 am- Big boys are gone to school and I attempt to start cleaning up from breakfast but I can barely function so I make myself a cup of coffee. It's also payday so that means I have to check my bank balance and start paying the monthly bills.

So I sit down at the computer and log onto my bank account..when I start to have a slight panic attack as I'm waiting for the page to load.. this is not normal behavior for some.. for me it is.

I paid all my bills and got caught up on some that I was behind on so that made me feel better.

Well, all of a sudden it's quiet and all I hear are the cartoons on behind me... never a good sign.

I go back to my son's bedroom, terrified of what I might find because it can't possibly be good.

The door is locked. I get them to unlock it and I've found that they've overturned my 2 yr old's toddler bed and have made a fort. Ok.. not too bad right... then I turn around and find a very empty, possibly licked clean, canister of dry CountryTime Lemonade Mix... I bought it at Costco so that tells you the size. It's was probably 2/3 gone by the time they got to it but I'm trying to get everyone ready to get out the door to take my 5 yr old to Kindergarten.

Gee, I hope he's not bouncing off the walls too much for his teacher.....

Ok so I get home.. mind you it's now 12pm noon. I have walked to and from the school pushing a double stroller with at least 60 lbs of weight in it. The school is about a 20 min walk both ways. I'm hopped up on coffee and it's past lunch time and they are gettin cranky!

Lunch consists of Top Ramen which ends up being dumped on the floor, so Mom's had it.. it's naptime regardless of whether or not they want to b/c I need a break and my house looks like the living room threw up more than once.

So now as I am writing this I am up and down going all Super Nanny on my 2 youngest kids (2 & 3) trying to get the to take a nap and downing a 20 oz Diet Coke, YAY more Caffiene!!!!! Rock ON!

Oh yeah something I left out... in between ALL of the above I'm trying to WORK too.

A little something for my readers.. please don't take this as me looking for someone to feel sorry for me. That's not the point. I love my life regardless of how crazy it makes me. I've had people tell me they feel sorry for me b/c I have such a large family but that makes me sad to think that that is how some people see my life. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Here's me getting a little Off topic..

And look it's not scrap related!! But at least you get a little inside to my life, and a little personality about me.. **Warning though, I'm not always this crazy**

Kids are driving me a little batty this morning.. Both Braeden (5) and Liam (3) refused to get dressed this morning.

It started with Liam not wanting to put on his underwear so he was naked all morning then he wouldnt get dressed so I was stressing b/c we have to leave soon to take Braeden to school.. so I told him that I was going upstairs to get dressed and if I came down and he wasnt dressed then he was getting in trouble, he got dressed.

Oh and right now..I look like death threw up. I could be nominated for What not to Wear and win AND I'm going outside this way b/c Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting