Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holy Merry Microwave Batman!

So ok, y'all read about my near death by lack of microwave post... so my mom got me a brand new one for Christmas! And wow is it ever big! I think big is an understatement... th thing is freaking HUGE.

Here's a pic...

12oo watts and 2.1 cubic sq feet inside. It literally takes up the enitre width of my countertop with maybe an inch to spare lol.

Our previous microwave was only 1000 watts and I thought that was da bomb!

Let's just say that 30 seconds is entirely too long for a quesadilla lol!

Thank you Mommy!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Totally NSBR just need to "out" myself...

I have fallen off the Weight Watcher wagon and I landed with a really hard thud.

I have spent the last 5.5 yrs on and off of Weight Watchers. Mostly the reason for my being "off plan" was due to pregnancy. It seemed that every 20 lbs or so I would get pregnant and have to take a break.

Well, now that my babymaking days are over I have NO reason, scratch that, I have NO EXCUSE for what I have done. It took me quite awhile after my last baby to get back on track. It came very easy to me the time before last, where I was breastfeeding and lost 37 lbs within 6 months and then I got pregnant lol. Even though I was breastfeeding my 5th baby as well, the weight didn't drop off as easily as it had before and I found myself struggling to stay on plan. However, last year (October 18th) I was able to smack myself in the forehead and make myself do this and I was successful. I lost 27 lbs and I was a size 8! I hadn't been a size 8 since before I was pregnant with my FIRST baby! I got down to 15 lbs left to get to my final goal and I lost my way.

Now here I am, a year and 2 months later and I have gained all of my weight, if not more back. I don't know exactly how much I weigh right now and I am afraid to know, however my scale is broken (and no I didn't break it, one of my kids did). So I have to go by my clothes until I can get another scale.

Tonight is already shot but tomorrow is the going to be the first day of the rest of my life. I am so sick and tired of how I have been feeling, wearing baggy clothes, and rarely leaving the house.

I am tired of using food as an escape and a source of comfort.

I want to be a good mom to my kids. I want to feel good about myself and I want to be happy.

I don't need to be told it's ok because it is not ok.

I need to be kicked, I need tough love, & I need support.

My current stats:

Height: 4'11"
Highest Weight (in 2000): 175-180 lbs
Start Weight (10/18/05): 152 lbs
Current Weight: 150-ish
Goal Weight: 110 lbs
Current goal: get back into my size 8 jeans.

So ok, now that I've beared my soul.... lemme have it.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's official.. I'm a geek!

Last night, while Christmas shopping for my kids, I went to go look for a pair of headphones for my husband when my little eye spied a 160 gig External Hard Drive. My mom who came up behind me as I said (to myself) " Ooooh 160 gig EHD?!???!!" (Literally almost drooling at the thought) began laughing at me for being such a tekky geek. But in my defense.. it really was a good price for a brand name, hence all the drool. I could have totally justified the purchase.

Now, I have this $150 gift card to best Buy from my DH's boss (to me, he got cash) that I have been planning on saving and putting towards a new camera.. but now.. here I sit contemplating buying that EHD. What do I do??? ACKKKKK!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Kids say the dardest things...

My 2 yr old Greyson, is in the pre-potty training stages. he's started taking off his diapers as soon as he pees and is often seen roaming the house in his birthday suit.

So, this evening he's sitting on top of the dining room table, naked, and I come in and say "Ok ya little nudist, let's get a new diaper on".

He says, in all seriousness, because everyone knows that 2 yr olds have NO sense of humor and can be quite literal, "I not a nuuuuudisssss, I Greyson!"

Had to giggle.. he is too dang cute!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

How in the world did I ever live.......

Without a microwave? I don't think I can even remember not having one, ever! I'm sure my parents didn't have one when I was super little as I don't really remember having one in the house before I was like 7 or so.. but the other day during a LOST marathon, my microwave decided to bite the big one. ACK, No Popcorn???? It's truely a tragedy lol.

Not being able to heat things up on a whim has been really hard, I never realized how much we depend on that thing.. so far I've gotten by with the oven and the stove but I need my instant gratification dagnabbit!

So, Im surfing on Target.com last night to see about finding a replacement.. man things have gotten technologically advanced... I guess I shouldn't be terribly surprised given my line of work and all.

But seriously, does some one really need to have a a nuker with a built in coffeemaker or toaster? Talk about multi-tasking! It does look cool though.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Umm Now what?

Well, It seems I got my mojo back. I've knocked out a few new products this week. I just finished up a new kit that has not been released yet, but soon so watch for it!

Well, now that that is done.. I got the downstairs cleaned up and got dinner started and now I don't know what to do with myself. I checked all my regular hangouts, not much going on there. No email, well incase you count Product Ads and Spam.

Dh will be home soon... there's a hockey game on tonight so I suppose I'll start something new, not sure what yet but then again I never know what Im doing until I do it lol.

Oh Well, I guess I'll sit here and twiddle my thumbs.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

SO Funny!

Ok, let me just give y'all a little background on this toy real quick.

It is the single most OBNOXIOUS toy on the planet. And I have my mother in law to thank for it. She gave it to DH for Christmas a couple years back as sort of a gag gift lol. Anyway, my then 2 yr old Braeden (now 5) was completely afraid of it and my youngest, Greyson had never seen this toy until just yesterday when we "found" it while cleaning out the hall closet.

Well, Greyson thinks this is the FUNNIEST thing ever. I'm about ready to "put it away" again for another 3 yrs lol.

Anyway, I managed to catch Greyson playing with it on video.. he's 2.5 yrs old btw.

Click HERE to watch.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ok this is gettin a little freaky here!

This has been going on for a very long while but only recently has it gotten worse.. not a day goes by where this doesnt happen to me.

But... at least 2x a day, I get the urge to glance at the clock.. and it's always 12:34. It happens so often.. it's not just weird.. it's FREAKISHLY weird.. and even getting creepy.

DH thinks it's funny... seriously, it's getting to the point of starting to piss me off LOL!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Apparently, I need another coke.

I don't nessecarily want another coke right now.. however my 3 yr old says that I do. He was very sweet and saw I had finished my soda and he went and got me another one. I said sweetheart, Mommy doesn't want another soda. He said "But you NEED to have one", Ok I'll have a soda.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I think I'm broken....

At least today anyway... can't seem to get my brain to function well enough to get any work done, bummer b/c the kids re settled and quiet for a change and not running around like little maniacs, so of course it would just figure that when it's quiet enough for me to think.. I can't.. I also can't spell/type right now (thank god for spell check).. Im mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted.

So if anyone would like to throw out any element suggestions for an outdoorsy kit that has green/cream colors in it, I'd be more than happy to hear them. I've also got alot of painted wood elements.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

5 Weird things about me....

  • I recently dyed my hair Black and am planning on streaking it with purple.
  • I am addicted to Diet Coke.
  • I have my nose pierced, 4 tattoos, plans for 2 more tattoos and having my navel pierced.
  • I am 4'11.
  • I hate folding socks b/c I can't stand to touch them.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006


It's been a long day. Finally it's that time of day that I long for... bedtime.

Kids are all tucked in their beds quietly reading for the time being and finally I can sit and actually think.

Apparently I was rather tired today. I went to lay down with Liam so that he would fall asleep and take a nap.. and I ended up falling asleep because the only way I can get him to nap is to lay with him and pretend Im asleep until he gives up telling me how nice my eyebrows are and falls asleep. Then I sneak out and have some much needed Mommy time.

I came downstairs as soon as I realized it but I had already been asleep for 1.5 hrs and I knew they'd be awake soon and the other boys would be home from school soon. Instead of working like I intended... I fell back asleep on the couch. I shoulda just stayed upstairs lol.

I think it's rather ironic how I can't for the life of me get to sleep at night but I have NO problems falling asleep in the middle of the day.

DH is also out of the house tonight because he is picking up his motorcycle from his dad and returning his dad's 4runner, another reason it's quiet. I swear that man is just as loud all by himself as all 5 of the boys put together.

Oldest child, Kyle, is away at Science camp this week. It's been weird without him here. It's not the first time he's been away from home for a good length of time or anything.. it's just weird. I hope he is having a great time.

Anyway, I guess I'm done rambling so I can go and attempt to get some work done and then you can see what I have in the works!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another look inside the mind of a loon...

Ok so this is going to be my attempt at some lame journalism, if not for me to vent but to give whoever may happen to be lurking a chuckle and a sigh of relief that it's not THEIR life lol.

Anyway, so I got very little sleep last night.. maybe about 5 hours. Hubby and I were up late reminicising and talking about old times (b/c we are OH SO old!), and then when we did try to go to sleep he kept me awake with his incessant snoring. I swear that man could wake the dead. Normally I can get him to roll over but when he is overly tired, yeah forget it. I slept on the couch til about 5 am and then I went back upstairs as he was getting ready for work.

Have I mentioned that I am NOT a morning person? I'm horrible lol. So, Im able to drag my butt out of bed as my older boys are about ready to leave for school. I walk into the dining room where I find my 2 and 3 yr old covered in yogurt b/c they snuck into the fridge while I was peeing and ate it with their hands.

8:00 am- Big boys are gone to school and I attempt to start cleaning up from breakfast but I can barely function so I make myself a cup of coffee. It's also payday so that means I have to check my bank balance and start paying the monthly bills.

So I sit down at the computer and log onto my bank account..when I start to have a slight panic attack as I'm waiting for the page to load.. this is not normal behavior for some.. for me it is.

I paid all my bills and got caught up on some that I was behind on so that made me feel better.

Well, all of a sudden it's quiet and all I hear are the cartoons on behind me... never a good sign.

I go back to my son's bedroom, terrified of what I might find because it can't possibly be good.

The door is locked. I get them to unlock it and I've found that they've overturned my 2 yr old's toddler bed and have made a fort. Ok.. not too bad right... then I turn around and find a very empty, possibly licked clean, canister of dry CountryTime Lemonade Mix... I bought it at Costco so that tells you the size. It's was probably 2/3 gone by the time they got to it but I'm trying to get everyone ready to get out the door to take my 5 yr old to Kindergarten.

Gee, I hope he's not bouncing off the walls too much for his teacher.....

Ok so I get home.. mind you it's now 12pm noon. I have walked to and from the school pushing a double stroller with at least 60 lbs of weight in it. The school is about a 20 min walk both ways. I'm hopped up on coffee and it's past lunch time and they are gettin cranky!

Lunch consists of Top Ramen which ends up being dumped on the floor, so Mom's had it.. it's naptime regardless of whether or not they want to b/c I need a break and my house looks like the living room threw up more than once.

So now as I am writing this I am up and down going all Super Nanny on my 2 youngest kids (2 & 3) trying to get the to take a nap and downing a 20 oz Diet Coke, YAY more Caffiene!!!!! Rock ON!

Oh yeah something I left out... in between ALL of the above I'm trying to WORK too.

A little something for my readers.. please don't take this as me looking for someone to feel sorry for me. That's not the point. I love my life regardless of how crazy it makes me. I've had people tell me they feel sorry for me b/c I have such a large family but that makes me sad to think that that is how some people see my life. I wouldn't change it for the world.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Here's me getting a little Off topic..

And look it's not scrap related!! But at least you get a little inside to my life, and a little personality about me.. **Warning though, I'm not always this crazy**

Kids are driving me a little batty this morning.. Both Braeden (5) and Liam (3) refused to get dressed this morning.

It started with Liam not wanting to put on his underwear so he was naked all morning then he wouldnt get dressed so I was stressing b/c we have to leave soon to take Braeden to school.. so I told him that I was going upstairs to get dressed and if I came down and he wasnt dressed then he was getting in trouble, he got dressed.

Oh and right now..I look like death threw up. I could be nominated for What not to Wear and win AND I'm going outside this way b/c Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Too cute!!

His Father would be SO proud! This is my 2 yr old Greyson.. who has a fixation with motorcycles right now... can't imagine why?? Anyway, I was on the phone when I turned looked down the hall and burst into laughter.. this is why.......

He did this to himself by the way.. well.. all but the gloves.. Alex thought this would be a nice touch hehehe. Nevermind the mess behind him.. it is literally in the process of being cleaned up.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Starting from scratch...

The other day I discovered that my not so darling husband deleted everything except for our music off our secondary hard drive. Well, this is where I was storing all of my FULL size original pictures and every layout I have ever done except for some of my most recent work.
Those were on the main drive. All that including my original PSD files.I've managed to recover about 1500 pictures from cd's and 2 old memory cards that I could not bring myself to erase. Good thing Im a packrat by nature huh?

DH feels SO bad for not asking as he usually does before he does anything to the computer... that he's buying me a file recovery program. We ran the trial and found a whole mess of stuff but have to buy it next week when we get paid to actually recover stuff.

I've also gone through my photobucket accounts and downloaded the resized versions, and am going to try to re-scrap them on a much smaller scale. Maybe do a few 6x6 albums and have them printed.I'm sure y'all are gunna be seeing alot of new work from me in the near future... But can you just say UGH!?!?

Take this as a reminder to back up your stuff to CD or DVD's!!