Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's official.. I'm a geek!

Last night, while Christmas shopping for my kids, I went to go look for a pair of headphones for my husband when my little eye spied a 160 gig External Hard Drive. My mom who came up behind me as I said (to myself) " Ooooh 160 gig EHD?!???!!" (Literally almost drooling at the thought) began laughing at me for being such a tekky geek. But in my defense.. it really was a good price for a brand name, hence all the drool. I could have totally justified the purchase.

Now, I have this $150 gift card to best Buy from my DH's boss (to me, he got cash) that I have been planning on saving and putting towards a new camera.. but now.. here I sit contemplating buying that EHD. What do I do??? ACKKKKK!!!!

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