Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PSA: Updated Personal Terms of Use

Hi Everybody,

I wanted to post a little something real quick that my TOU on all personal items has been revised and will be included in any new products from now on. For existiing and/or retired products please refer to my sidebar for my most current terms of use, as these are subject to change at any time.

Updated Terms of Use

Thank You!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The last few years I've been getting more and more headaches. Alot of the time they get migraine-ish, although I've never been officially diagnosed with migraines. One time I did have to go into the ER to be treated because OTC meds weren't working. Being that I have a seizure disorder, headaches can be a warning sign so I have to be very careful.

So I guess my question to the cyber space world is what kind of headache treatment do you use? Do you have an Rx? Do you use OTC meds? Do you use Homeopathic remedies? And Most of all, does it work. I guess you wouldn't use it if it didn't work huh?

For me usually a good dose of Motrin and a nap in a dark room does the trick. But there have been those times where the drug only masks the pain and it just comes back. Oh and caffiene.. that helps too.

Friday, October 26, 2007

How Many Days Til Christmas?

It's not even Halloween yet and I'm thinking about Christmas, what is wrong with me?

That's really a loaded question because I could make a never ending list of things that are wrong with me but this post is about Christmas LOL.

I was thinking about stocking stuffers and how personalized pens might be a really cool idea for my older boys. In addition to all the sugar that will be in there. I really have no idea what to get for a teenager, stocking wise even though it wasn't all that long ago that I actually was a teenager. Somehow the memories have escaped me. Maybe it's because I was never a teenage BOY, I knew and liked teenage boys but aside from girls.. I have no clue what teenage boys like. I don't think I could fit a teenage girl in their stockings.. nor is it really appropriate :)

How many times do you think I could say teenage boy in this post? Alright.. that's enough rambling. Moving on..... to the 6 and under crowd. I am really good at the preschooler-primary grade age. They are easy. They like cars, dinosaurs, trains, stickers and playdoh. Oh and cartoons, you cannot forget cartoons.

Speaking of Cartoons.. my 4 and 3 yr old's new favorite show is Super WHY. It's actually pretty cute. It's on PBSKids. Im sure you could check it out online.. if you wanted to.

What? Still Rambling? Ok.. Im done. I have to go clean the bathroom now. FUN!!!

It's THAT time again!!

What time?


Get it HERE Tomorrow!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SO Incredibly Proud!

Today, at my son's school they had their annual "Character Counts" assembly. They pick 1-2 students from each class that exhibit the 6 Pillars of Strength, which are:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Citizenship

There were about 20 or so kids in all being honored today and my son was one of them! Each of the teachers did a little write-up about each child and why they thought they should be recognized and the bit about Alex by his teacher was so sweet. I'm going to try to see if she will email it to me so I can scrap it. I was able to get a few pictures but he was standing in the back so it was really hard to see him. I got some afterwards with his certificate.

My 1st grader was also recognized by his teacher with a special ribbon. In addition, to honoring the students who exhibit all 6 pillars they also recognize 1 child from each GRADE (6 total) who exhibit one pillar and my 6 yr old got the ribbon for being a Caring person from his teacher.

It was all very cool and I can't wait to scrap it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Clever Marketing...

I was going too title this post "New Tv Shows and Surveys" but I felt this was more approriate because really, it is very clever now that I think about it.

Ok, it's no secret that I like to take paid surveys or even surveys for prizes. So, in the last month, I have been offered pretty high point value surveys for watching the premiere episodes of new tv shows or new seasons of existing shows. Both times I am hooked. But I admit it.. I am easy.

Whch brings me to my newest "must see tv" show.. 'Samantha Who??' with Christina Applegate. This was seriously hysterical. It's about a real estate executive who gets into a car wreck that leaves her with amnesia. She returns home to stay with her family while she recooperates learning new and interesting things about her previous life. She goes in for a Dr's appt thinking it's related to her current condition only to be "felt up" by her Dr, quickly learning that she was there to get a boob job. She returns to work to find out she has a fear of elevators and that her co-workers think she's been in rehab.

I was in hysterics.. even my husband enjoyed it and his sense of humor is limited lol. Like I said.. very Clever Marketing.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scrap For Hire

There has been alot of talk about Scrap For Hire/Scrap For Others in the scrap world lately. If you have the time and ability to get your name out there, it could be a very good business opportunity. I know that in the paper world, layout artists can make a pretty good penny creating albums for other people. I used to make digital cards for people but I didn't get enough business for it to be profitable.

As a designer, I do allow Scrap 4 Hire. It is included within my terms of use on ALL personal use items without having to purchase any additional licensing. My only additional restriction is that pre-made pages (quickpages) without photos for mass resale is not allowed.

My current TOU is available for viewing in the sidebar, but please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Superbowl and My Birthday

I know it's only October but it seems like the Superbowl is just around the corner. They are even selling Super Bowl tickets already, can you believe it?!?!! Well ok, I sorta can since everyone and their dog wants to go. It always seems to land around my birthday though, so this year (2008) I am celebrating my birthday the following weekend. How am I celebrating? Well... a couple years back a friend and I went up to Reno for the weekend. That was a blast. Am I doing that? Nope! I'm going to.... CHA in Anaheim!! I am so excited, I can't wait! Five whole days to myself.

Since it is within my state the plane tix won't be all that much and my mom is letting me use some of her timeshare credits for my hotel stay as my bday pressie. I am going down a day early so I can settle in and my aunt lives in the general vicinity so I am going to try to hook up with her before the convention starts.

Nt much else to report today, DH is home sick the last few days, hopefully I don't get it. Nothing worse than a sick mommy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guys Night Out..

Which really technically wasn't a "guys" night out considering my SIL, MIL, and Niece went too, but DH had a nice nice at the hockey game. Which by the way I can finally talk about on my blog. This was THE single most hardest secret I ever had to keep, but if I wanted to pull it off I had to keep my trap shut.

Background... DH's bday was at the end of September. It only hit me like 3 days before his bday what I should get him that he'd really love and be insanely shocked to get. So, I ordered it but it wasn't due to ship until 2-3 wks later! I wasn't sure how long I could keep quiet. Thankfully it arrived early and in time for the game. What did I get? I got him a new team jersey complete with his fave player's name and number.

It was awesome, he was so surprised!

So, fast forward to the hockey game on Saturday, Mom and Sister have season tickets so they often take DH when they have an extra or something. Anyway- DH got me a picture of the sports announcer guy... this all started when I told DH that I'd like to stick him in my pocket and bring him home with me. So DH said he was gunna tell him lol. But he got me a picture instead.. and of course I scrapped it. I had the perfect papers.

Anyway, them were some wicked tickets, if I don't say so myself hehehe.

Friday, October 12, 2007

More Home Stuff...

My mom recently bought a house here in my town..actually it's down the street lol. And it was my brother's that they sold to her since they were both buying new homes at the same time. My mom moved in back in March and my brother had painted 2 walls (one in the living room and one in the master bedroom) very dark colors... which my mom didn't care for and made the house look dark and small.

So we started priming.... we fully intended to have those rooms painted within the week. Hmm yeah lol. We got the priming done..... and then it sat for a few months and my moom managed to paint her bedroom but the living room was still undone. She finished it finally a few weeks ago. It looks really nice.

Moving on to the next project, I think she wants to tear out the existing deck because she bought a new patio table and well it's too big for the deck as it is. I personally like the deck but the backyard is small and the deck takes up most of it. It would look bigger with out it.

This leads me to outdoor lighting. My mom and I have very similar tastes so anything I like I know she will like. I have visions of some sort of twinkly lights around the patio area... something calming and elegant and straight out of a magazine. Oh and some cute little path lights.. leading to the hot tub and back by the dog run area. Sounds so pretty! I really love decorating.. fantastic at shopping for other people LOL! Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Commercial Use Product!

Prettyful Petals now at OAKS!

Fabulous silk flowers to add a touch of elegance to your scrapbook kits. Add color and you're on your way! Included are 3 greyscaled silk flowers, 1 large, 2 small.

**Dropshadows and color added for preview purposes only.**

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Corn, Pumpkins, and Camels???

DH kicked me out of the house today to take the three little kids out on a "A'venture". I had absolutely NO clue what or where I was going to do.

So I called my mom to see if she wanted to join me on my A'venture. or at the very least let me come veg on her couch lol. She was painting her living room.. which mind you *we* primed back in March lol. She suggested wee go to this pumpkin patch carnival thing that she'd been hearing about all over the radio. Ok, cool something fun to do, sounds good!

I got the kids ready, bathed, dressed and grabbed lunch to take over to her house before we left. Had some lunch and off we went!

HERE is where we went. We decided that we would buy the bracelets rather than pay for each attraction individually.. smart right? First we did the corn maze. From the looks of it, they change it up every year. There were 2 mazes.. one on the perimeter (beginner) and one on the interior which they called the "wagon maze". They hand ya map and off ya go!

About 5 turns in.. Braeden (6 yr old) says "Ok, we're lost." LOL! He did this about every 5 turns.. and then we actually did get lost. We walked in circles the first 20 minutes or so. About every 5 minutes I hear.. "Look mom corn!" Yeah, there's corn.. corn.. corn.. and more corn! Hey look theres..... oh no wait.. that's just corn.

They have these bridge points where you know that you are on the right path.. even with the map.. we still got lost. Now I understand why I kept seeing discarded maps in the corn rows.

At one point Greyson (3) had to pee. So we tried to get out as fast we could... we see some security helper guys so we think hey let's ask them (!), they work here they have walkie talkies.. they MUST know the right way to go. Umm yeah NOT! They were lost too. And the real kicker was... WE were going in the right direction lol.

We finally got out, phew! Time to pee.

Then it was off to the petting zoo where they had goats, sheep, chickies, bunnies, a llama, a zorse, piggies, and a camel.. a camel?? Yes, you read that right.. I said a camel. I fed the camel, then he tried to eat my 3 yr old's head. Ok not really.. but he nibbled at his hair and Greyson freaked out lol. They were brave enough to feed the goats though... and surprisingly enough these goats were very gentle and not obnoxious like the ones at the zoo. And Greyson is afraid of dogs.. so it was a HUGE deal.

Next, we did the train ride.. which really isn't a train... it's a about 5 train CARS attached to a john deere tractor. Fun nonetheless. The kids loved that. They really wanted to ride the ponies but at 5 bucks a pop, which was not included in the package deal.. although it shoulda been.. we decided not to ride the ponies. Instead they climbed the tractor tire mountain...until we got bored watching them.

And then we left.. that was my day. I am SO tired.. I'm going to bed LOL! Have a great night.

This post was brought to you by Lange Sohne

Friday, October 5, 2007

My All time Favorite Baby Product...

Even though I am done having kids, I just love to talk about my most favorite baby product EVER! I swear I'd have more kids if I could JUST to be able to use this product over and over again lol.

Baby Slings!! I absolutely LOVED mine. I actually started off with a ring sling when Liam was little and I used it with Greyson too. When Greyson was about 15 months old I graduated to a wrap. I almost didn't because I thought that he wouldnt be using it much longer but I am so glad I did. If I hadn't bought it, I wouldn't have worn him as long as we did. The thing I loved about the wrap was that it could be worn in so many different positions.

Greyson's favorite position was piggyback. We would go through the grocery store with him strapped to my back. He would wave at people and they would always comment on how cool it was. It was great. He often fell asleep back there lol.

I even have some pictures of it.. never mind the look on my face. I had to have one of my other kids take the picture and they were taking too long lol.

I actually got a great deal on this particular wrap. I found it on ebay. It came all the way from Sweden.. and including shipping I got it for less than 10 dollars. You can make your own... there are very easy no-sew instructions on wear your baby dot com.

True Friends...

True Friends....

  • Have your best interests at heart.
  • Want yo to succeed at everything you do.
  • Lift you up when you are feeling down.
  • Listen to you when you need to talk
  • Love you for who you are.. no matter what.
  • Don't judge you.
  • Always has your back.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

You've Been Porked!

My little one got out of the tub last night after having his hair washed and came running into the living room where he promptly announced to DH "I am a porky-pine, I'm going to pork you!" Then he lowers his head and "porks" DH with his spiky hair.

In other news, On Friday I am going to be featured on Hummie's blog for the Designer Technique post, how cool! Be sure to check out Hummie's Blog.

Also, if you haven't already be sure to snag my Grab Bag at OAKS before everything goes full price on Friday. Right now it's a steal of a deal.. only $2 for $20 worth of product. I have several new products out this week.. some of which include:

Ashes to Ashes

I have a set of aged cluster frames. Best part about these frames.. they are only a dollar!
You can get them HERE.

Here's a little something for y'all.. nice free alpha to start off the morning!

Link Has Now Expired.

**Note: Alpha is split into group sheets of 3-4 letters each. Total file size is 32 mb.**