Friday, October 26, 2007

How Many Days Til Christmas?

It's not even Halloween yet and I'm thinking about Christmas, what is wrong with me?

That's really a loaded question because I could make a never ending list of things that are wrong with me but this post is about Christmas LOL.

I was thinking about stocking stuffers and how personalized pens might be a really cool idea for my older boys. In addition to all the sugar that will be in there. I really have no idea what to get for a teenager, stocking wise even though it wasn't all that long ago that I actually was a teenager. Somehow the memories have escaped me. Maybe it's because I was never a teenage BOY, I knew and liked teenage boys but aside from girls.. I have no clue what teenage boys like. I don't think I could fit a teenage girl in their stockings.. nor is it really appropriate :)

How many times do you think I could say teenage boy in this post? Alright.. that's enough rambling. Moving on..... to the 6 and under crowd. I am really good at the preschooler-primary grade age. They are easy. They like cars, dinosaurs, trains, stickers and playdoh. Oh and cartoons, you cannot forget cartoons.

Speaking of Cartoons.. my 4 and 3 yr old's new favorite show is Super WHY. It's actually pretty cute. It's on PBSKids. Im sure you could check it out online.. if you wanted to.

What? Still Rambling? Ok.. Im done. I have to go clean the bathroom now. FUN!!!

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