Saturday, October 27, 2007


The last few years I've been getting more and more headaches. Alot of the time they get migraine-ish, although I've never been officially diagnosed with migraines. One time I did have to go into the ER to be treated because OTC meds weren't working. Being that I have a seizure disorder, headaches can be a warning sign so I have to be very careful.

So I guess my question to the cyber space world is what kind of headache treatment do you use? Do you have an Rx? Do you use OTC meds? Do you use Homeopathic remedies? And Most of all, does it work. I guess you wouldn't use it if it didn't work huh?

For me usually a good dose of Motrin and a nap in a dark room does the trick. But there have been those times where the drug only masks the pain and it just comes back. Oh and caffiene.. that helps too.

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  1. I get headaches all the time. Usually 2 tylenol or ibuprofin will do me good. But, if it's bad, I usually put an ice pack on my head, neck, or lower back. LOL I know it sounds strange, but usually it works. I also put Biofreeze on my forehead, on my temples, and on my neck when it's bad.