Saturday, October 6, 2007

Corn, Pumpkins, and Camels???

DH kicked me out of the house today to take the three little kids out on a "A'venture". I had absolutely NO clue what or where I was going to do.

So I called my mom to see if she wanted to join me on my A'venture. or at the very least let me come veg on her couch lol. She was painting her living room.. which mind you *we* primed back in March lol. She suggested wee go to this pumpkin patch carnival thing that she'd been hearing about all over the radio. Ok, cool something fun to do, sounds good!

I got the kids ready, bathed, dressed and grabbed lunch to take over to her house before we left. Had some lunch and off we went!

HERE is where we went. We decided that we would buy the bracelets rather than pay for each attraction individually.. smart right? First we did the corn maze. From the looks of it, they change it up every year. There were 2 mazes.. one on the perimeter (beginner) and one on the interior which they called the "wagon maze". They hand ya map and off ya go!

About 5 turns in.. Braeden (6 yr old) says "Ok, we're lost." LOL! He did this about every 5 turns.. and then we actually did get lost. We walked in circles the first 20 minutes or so. About every 5 minutes I hear.. "Look mom corn!" Yeah, there's corn.. corn.. corn.. and more corn! Hey look theres..... oh no wait.. that's just corn.

They have these bridge points where you know that you are on the right path.. even with the map.. we still got lost. Now I understand why I kept seeing discarded maps in the corn rows.

At one point Greyson (3) had to pee. So we tried to get out as fast we could... we see some security helper guys so we think hey let's ask them (!), they work here they have walkie talkies.. they MUST know the right way to go. Umm yeah NOT! They were lost too. And the real kicker was... WE were going in the right direction lol.

We finally got out, phew! Time to pee.

Then it was off to the petting zoo where they had goats, sheep, chickies, bunnies, a llama, a zorse, piggies, and a camel.. a camel?? Yes, you read that right.. I said a camel. I fed the camel, then he tried to eat my 3 yr old's head. Ok not really.. but he nibbled at his hair and Greyson freaked out lol. They were brave enough to feed the goats though... and surprisingly enough these goats were very gentle and not obnoxious like the ones at the zoo. And Greyson is afraid of dogs.. so it was a HUGE deal.

Next, we did the train ride.. which really isn't a train... it's a about 5 train CARS attached to a john deere tractor. Fun nonetheless. The kids loved that. They really wanted to ride the ponies but at 5 bucks a pop, which was not included in the package deal.. although it shoulda been.. we decided not to ride the ponies. Instead they climbed the tractor tire mountain...until we got bored watching them.

And then we left.. that was my day. I am SO tired.. I'm going to bed LOL! Have a great night.

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  1. wow, what a day, sounds fun though...I love corn mazes..we have one that allows flashlights at night which appeals to the older youth.

    I hope the writing is bringing you new customers.