Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ahhh ChaCha CHA!

I am so excited I could hardly wait to tell you guys this news I have. I was going to wait until after I received my first month's pay but I can't. I might burst!

Thanks to a member of my Mommy boards, I discovered a great new and LEGITIMATE way to work from home and suppliment our main income.

I am a brand new ChaCha SMS Guide. What it is, is an internet based company out of Indiana that receives questions via text message. The SMS Guides receive the incoming questions and search the internet to find the answers which we then relay back to the caller.

Starting out, you only make $.10 per question but if you do a certain amount of questions in a certain timeframe you can get bumped up to Top Guide Status and get $.20 per question. They also do fun conests on the weekends for bonus cash. Some people do this for pocketchange and so are able to make some real money doing this. It all depends on how much time and effort you put into it.

They also have a referral program and if you would like to sign up, just use my email address as your referrer and join my team. My email is blytheevans at gmail dot com. (just replace the words with the appropriate symbols..obviously lol)

I signed up last week and took all the tests and got my confirmation email that I passed today! I hope that I can help all the families in need of extra cash.. whether it be for Christmas gifts or help in paying bills.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are you a Shopaholic? Confess your sins!

Ok so most of you know that I do freelance work for a paid blogging company. Well, one of the adverts is running a contest especially for my companies bloggers. It's called the Shop and Confess Contest. The blogger who gets the most referrals wins a huge cash prize!! 1st place is $500. Knowing my financial troubles as of late, this could really help us out and give us a huge jumpstart in getting our new car. As it is right now, we have no means of transportation.

All you have to do is sign up using my blog URL as your referring URL and post your confessions in their forum. It can be a written confession, a photo, or a video. So, if you'd be so kind as to help a girl out and have some fun while you are at it! Holiday Shopping stories are a great idea for this too.

Sign Up Here!

Please make sure that when you sign up, that you place MY blog URL in the website box and not your own b/c the referral contest is for PU2B bloggers only. Thank you for your help!!

My URL is

P.S There are obviously prizes for your confessions.. I added a video below.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My son has 2 new nicknames for me.. Not sure where he picked these up but it's funny.

#1- Momma-Choco-latte. Which is rather fitting if you think about it. I think it should be my new forum screenname.

#2- Mamasita. This one is a bit inappropriate but considering he is only 5.. not a big deal but it's what men in Mexico call hot chicks. So I'll take it as a compliment.

Again, I have no idea where he gets these things.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

I was standing on my porch last night, having a smoke and waiting for Dan to get home from work. Dan rolls up.. not on his bicycle like when he left but in a co-workers truck with his bike in the back. I kind of looked at him cross-eyed as he pulled his bike out of the truck bed.

I said "No riding home today?" He says, "No, but I brought you a present". Ooooh I like presents.

I said, "Oh yeah??" He pulls out 2 very large boxes of microwave popcorn. 180 bags of micropop. I think my eyeballs popped out of my head. Visions of needing diet pills for real flashed through my mind.

One box is regular and one is light. So one for me and one for the kids. I'll leave the box of buttery goodness alone.

Good news! I am $50 closer to getting my new van.. I will update my ticker after I post this.

Also, some news on Dan's motorcycle. Like I said before, they found the engine and gas tank on the highway. All of that lead to a probationary search of the suspects home where they found he was running a motorcycle chop shop out of his backyard. He's been arrested and is being prosecuted. I am very strongly thinking about suing him, although that is up to Dan. Maybe I can talk him into it.

There is a short article on it in the Manteca Bulletin, if you'd like to read it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Layout

On a roll so it seems... feels nice to relax and remember why I do this to begin with.

Click for credits :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Layout..

Credits: All Things Natural Kit & Beautiful Distressed Mats by Micheline Martin (MMD)

Ribbon: Sweet Genevieve @

Silver Mine Alpha Beads & glue splat by me also at

Staple by Redju

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Friday!

For those of you who have plans for this weekend, have fun! And for those (like me) who do not.. try not to go crazy LOL!

Dan is gone for the weekend, he came in like a whirlwind and left just the same. He was home long enough to grab his stuff and get outta dodge. I wish I liked weekends but I don't.

Today was nice and quiet though. The kids have minimum days today and all next week because of parent/teacher conferences. That means Liam goes 4 hours in the morning instead of in the afternoon and comes home with his brothers. I don't have to go anywhere!

Greyson slept in til 8 am and was so good. I was nice and relaxed.. until the other kids came home. Then all hell broke loose and my stress level sky rocketed.

At least they are quiet now, watching Suite Life on the Disney channel and I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'd love to design something.. I am just not sure what. I have a few things my team wants from me, I've just been lazy lol.

Two of my favorite shows are on tonight.. ones that I don't have to wait for Dan to get home to watch. Ghost Whisperer and The Starter Wife. I am looking forward to those.. as long as the kids go to bed when they are told and don't fool around, it will be a peaceful night. One can hope right?

Anyway, I better get going. It's nearly dinner time for the munchkins. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ever Had One of Those Days?

Where you don't have anything to say but you feel like you have to say something just so you can feel better? I mean I have plenty on my mind at the moment but nothing really deep and insightful that anyone in their right mind would really like to hear about.

It's kind of like getting auto insurance comparisons.. you don't nessecarily want to do it but you kind of have to.

I honestly don't even know what I am talking about right now. I am so tired and the weekend is sneaking up on me really fast and I am not looking forward to it. Normally, I would be happy about it because in a normal world your husband would be home to help relieve some of the stress that you put up with day in and day out but he doesn't get a day off so guess what.. neither do i. Do I sound bitter? I am a little. I know he is too so I try not to whine about it too much because I know that he'd rather be at home with us. But if I don't let it out then I'll become a raving lunatic and not even my computer will want to be around me.

Anyway, I think I am going to take a few days off from blogging. Give myself and you all a break from my mood swings. Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All is Calm...

On this homefront. At least for the time being. I love this time of night. All the kids are in bed AND asleep, Dan is upstairs asleep, it's just me hanging out watching tv and relaxing. I always hate going to bed because it just means everything is about to start all over again.

You see all sorts of commercials when you are up late at night.. everything from acne treatment to the ever so amazing "Pasta N' More". Which I absolutely love the concept of and I really would like to shell out the $19.99 to buy. It's this really cool bucket you can use to cook Pasta in the microwave and have it come out perfectly. It's even got the cool insert that allows you to cook a whole meal in the microwave. I showed it to my mom in hopes that she'd buy me one!

I have new products out for tomorrow.. come check it out at the Blog!

Tuesday Rambles..

**Disclaimer** Today's post will be filled with lots of useless information, random thoughts that have spewed from the scariest place n the planet.. my brain, and whatever else I can muster up. Oh yeah and I've been informed that is Wednesday and not Tuesday, however I am going to leave the title because it makes this post that much more funny.

#1- When did I turn into my grandmother? Ok, may that is exaggerating just a tad but seriously, I've started using words online that I would never really say offline. Like for example: "Oh that is simply darling!!" I would never say that out loud.. but somehow I don't think the phrase "Dude that is totally wicked!!!" would go over very well. At best would be grossly misinterpreted.

#2- Did you know that is IS possible to get high by licking a toad? Apparently, the Cane Toad secretes a toxin to protect itself from predators. If you lick one, the toxin acts as an hallucinogen. Hmmm tastes like chicken.

Speaking of chicken.. I went to the store the other night and the store had absolutely no chicken breasts left. Ok, so they had one package of fresh breasts however I wasn't about to pay 7 dollars for 3 breast halves. No chicken.. but lots of weight loss pills. Go figure. I ended up buying frozen breasts. Sounds painful doesn't it?

Speaking of frozen breasts, someone posted this picture on one of my message boards (thanks, Dot!) and I think it's rather appropriate-

I'm really hungry now from all this talking about food.

A few funnies for you.. these are actual warning labels on household products. I will only post a few but you can see the rest HERE.

My top 5 favorites:

1. Liquid Plummer Warning: Do not reuse the bottle to store beverages.

-Hmm, ya think??

2. Hair Coloring Do not use as an ice cream topping.

-Good to know.

3. Christmas Lights Warning: For indoor or outdoor use only.

-What's left?

4. Road Sign: Cemetery Road. Dead End

-Bwhahahahaa,You're Killing me!!

5. American Airlines packet of nuts: Instructions: open packet, eat nuts.

-ONLY in America, eh?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More News On The Bike..

The CHP detective guy called again this morning.. Dan called him back from work. Like I said they found the engine.. but they also found the gas tank as well as the selfish bastard that did this. Turns out the moron came in from Manteca and they also found another bike in bits and pieces in his possession.

They have him in custody and plan to "prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law". Great news, even better would be if we could get the bike back but since pigs don't fly..

What I'd really love.. is to sue him for the remaining balance on the bike because I still have to pay for it.

And to have him tarred, feathered and possibly drawn and quartered too.

An Explanation..

I am feeling a little bit better this week. Nothing has actually gotten better, I have just let the dust settle a little bit and I am thinking more clearly. There's not really a whole lot I can do to change it.. so I guess I just have to accept it and move on.

Let's back the truck up a little and I will explain everything that has transpired over the last few weeks.

First, the bike got stolen but that you already know.

Last week, just before I was about to head to the grocery store.. my truck was repossessed. This I blame Dan for wholeheartedly-sorry dear just can't sugarcoat this one. It was in his name and he was blatantly ignoring the bank. I am angry because I didn't want the thing in the first place because I knew we couldn't afford it nor did he even discuss it with me before he bought it. He HAD to have it and justified it by insisting we needed it for work purposes. Basically, something was supposed to happen and it has not yet. He should know better by now considering it's something that was supposed to happen 3 years ago. But now of course we are in debt because of empty promises and stupidity. So now we have 5 kids and no transportation and I have to depend on everyone else just for my basic needs and nessecities (like getting to the grocery store, to the bank, etc).

Moving on.. no sense in beating the dead horse to a bloody pulp.

Dan and I have to go to court on the 24th because our ever so lovely 14 yr old who likes to run away when he doesn't want to follow the house rules, has a hearing in juvenile court. This should be interesting.. just incase you didn't know, it's not a good idea to spray paint obscenities on a tractor.

I have decided that all of the proceeds from my money making efforts that I do online, will go towards buying ME a new (used) car. One that we can all fit into to replace not only the truck but my old paid off minivan that my "dear" husband decided we HE should sell because.. I can't even remember why.

I know there is more but I seem to have blocked out all traumatic events leading up to my nervous breakdown.. I'm sure it will manage to remind me sooner or later.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How Can You Argue With That Logic?

My 7 year old blonde, blue-eyed, whiter than white (he gets that from me) child thinks he's Mexican because he can count in Spanish and likes tacos. *Sigh*

Now really, who can argue with that? Try.. I dare you. The kid has an answer for everything.

I flipped on Nanny 911 and this family, god bless them adopted 32 boys most of which are Special Needs children. Going as crazy as I am with my 5.. I cannot even imagine 32. But hey, more power to them. I cannot image the amounts of baby clothes they must have gone through and the every day laundry?? Here I am not wanting to do my laundry for 7.. I don't even want to think about how much and how often they have to do theirs.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back From the Dentist

First, I have to say that I love my dentist. He is so nice and doesn't treat you like your just a walking house payment. He had jut numbed me up and he said he'd get me some magazines to look at and I said, "Oh I brought one with me", which was my new Memory Makers mag I got today.

So he was talking to me about scrapbooking, asked what kind I did so I told him. He thought that was like the coolest thing ever because he's kind of a technical type of guy. So then he asks if I post them online and could anyone view them and I said yes. He asked for my gallery link!

I got a phone call tonight from both the CHP and the Tracy Police Dept to inform me that they found Dan's motorcycle engine on the highway. I have been trying to get in touch with Dan but I think his phone died because it went straight to voicemail. Either that or he shut it off because they were trying to call him and when the phone was answered they asked for "Peter" and when someone calls for Peter it's usually a creditor so he said they had the wrong number. Insert big old eyeroll here. So hopefully, he'll call later to say goodnight or something.

Speaking of Dan, remember how I mentioned I had something that I wanted to get him for his birthday but I couldn't share here because he reads and I didn't want him to find out? Well, I wasn't able to get it.. it's hard because number one I don't know if he actually wants this thing and number two-there was some mention of maybe needing an HDMI cable and I am not sure if I do need one or not. Our tower is so old and our computer, which I affectionatley call my "Frankenputer" because it has been rebuilt and upgraded so many times it no longer has a specific "brand". I am going to do some more research and try to make it his Christmas present.

I did get him something else for his birthday, I got him a new keyboard for the desktop. Alex got him a new PC game he had been wanting. It was a pretty nice surprise to come home from after the long work weekend.

Have a great night everyone!

In Bed..

I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a Mack truck. I thought I felt warm, I asked Dan if I had a fever. My throat hurts, my head hurts, my back aches.. I am not sure if I'm really sick or if all of the stress from recent events are just catching up with me.

Anyway, Dan stayed home today and I'm spending the day in bed. Well, except for about an hour when I have to go back to the dentist. I have another appointment to work on my teeth.. yay more Novocaine. That was sarcasm there in case you missed it. They keep asking me if I've taken any diet pills, I keep thinking.. "Do I look like I've taken diet pills?" but I know it's just because they have to make sure nothing bad interacts with the anesthetics.

Right now I am watching The People's Court. I love Judge Milian, I think she rocks. She always makes me laugh and I love it when she does her "rough justice".. it cracks me up!! Right now I am listening to a case of this guy who got arrested and detained for over 17 hours at the police department by a association of militant Jews. I guess this group is something like a neighborhood watch program..only with Jewish men. Very interesting *insert plotting smiley guy here**.

Alright, enough of my delirious rambling.. hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My World Is Crumbling Around Me

And I dont know how to fix it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cranky and Nauseous..

Not a fabulous combo let me tell you.

I was at the dentist last night for the first of 4 Deep Cleanings which required anesthetics and a lot of them. First a topical.. then a shot in my gums and one in my cheek. Then another in the gums b/c I could still sorta feel it.

They told me not to eat til it wore off completely.. and I'm so glad I didn't wait otherwise I would have starved to death. I went to bed at 10:30 and my lip was still numb but the rest was all better.

I go back on Friday for some more. I'm not terribly thrilled as I have some anxiety issues. I'd rather be knocked out completely. I don't like being aware of what someone is doing in my mouth even if I can't feel it. It was the same with my c-section.. I am glad it was something they HAD to put me out for because I don't think I could have been able to be awake for it. It would have freaked me out too much.

Needless to say, I'm a bit sensitive this morning. I took some Advil so I'm good on that front but the kids are making me cranky and I feel kinda blah.. I'm guessing an after effect of the anesthetic? I don't know.. I've never had dental anesthetic before.

Anyway, I'm off to get the kids ready for school AGAIN. I got Liam dressed and now he is UNdressed and wearing a cow suit.