Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pop! Pop! Pop!

I was standing on my porch last night, having a smoke and waiting for Dan to get home from work. Dan rolls up.. not on his bicycle like when he left but in a co-workers truck with his bike in the back. I kind of looked at him cross-eyed as he pulled his bike out of the truck bed.

I said "No riding home today?" He says, "No, but I brought you a present". Ooooh I like presents.

I said, "Oh yeah??" He pulls out 2 very large boxes of microwave popcorn. 180 bags of micropop. I think my eyeballs popped out of my head. Visions of needing diet pills for real flashed through my mind.

One box is regular and one is light. So one for me and one for the kids. I'll leave the box of buttery goodness alone.

Good news! I am $50 closer to getting my new van.. I will update my ticker after I post this.

Also, some news on Dan's motorcycle. Like I said before, they found the engine and gas tank on the highway. All of that lead to a probationary search of the suspects home where they found he was running a motorcycle chop shop out of his backyard. He's been arrested and is being prosecuted. I am very strongly thinking about suing him, although that is up to Dan. Maybe I can talk him into it.

There is a short article on it in the Manteca Bulletin, if you'd like to read it.

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