Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All is Calm...

On this homefront. At least for the time being. I love this time of night. All the kids are in bed AND asleep, Dan is upstairs asleep, it's just me hanging out watching tv and relaxing. I always hate going to bed because it just means everything is about to start all over again.

You see all sorts of commercials when you are up late at night.. everything from acne treatment to the ever so amazing "Pasta N' More". Which I absolutely love the concept of and I really would like to shell out the $19.99 to buy. It's this really cool bucket you can use to cook Pasta in the microwave and have it come out perfectly. It's even got the cool insert that allows you to cook a whole meal in the microwave. I showed it to my mom in hopes that she'd buy me one!

I have new products out for tomorrow.. come check it out at the Blog!

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