Friday, October 10, 2008

Back From the Dentist

First, I have to say that I love my dentist. He is so nice and doesn't treat you like your just a walking house payment. He had jut numbed me up and he said he'd get me some magazines to look at and I said, "Oh I brought one with me", which was my new Memory Makers mag I got today.

So he was talking to me about scrapbooking, asked what kind I did so I told him. He thought that was like the coolest thing ever because he's kind of a technical type of guy. So then he asks if I post them online and could anyone view them and I said yes. He asked for my gallery link!

I got a phone call tonight from both the CHP and the Tracy Police Dept to inform me that they found Dan's motorcycle engine on the highway. I have been trying to get in touch with Dan but I think his phone died because it went straight to voicemail. Either that or he shut it off because they were trying to call him and when the phone was answered they asked for "Peter" and when someone calls for Peter it's usually a creditor so he said they had the wrong number. Insert big old eyeroll here. So hopefully, he'll call later to say goodnight or something.

Speaking of Dan, remember how I mentioned I had something that I wanted to get him for his birthday but I couldn't share here because he reads and I didn't want him to find out? Well, I wasn't able to get it.. it's hard because number one I don't know if he actually wants this thing and number two-there was some mention of maybe needing an HDMI cable and I am not sure if I do need one or not. Our tower is so old and our computer, which I affectionatley call my "Frankenputer" because it has been rebuilt and upgraded so many times it no longer has a specific "brand". I am going to do some more research and try to make it his Christmas present.

I did get him something else for his birthday, I got him a new keyboard for the desktop. Alex got him a new PC game he had been wanting. It was a pretty nice surprise to come home from after the long work weekend.

Have a great night everyone!

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