Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm getting a new computer! Well, o k sorta but not really... we are getting a new case and new guts, so essentially a new computer. Down side? Means I have to clean off the desk.. upside? Faster, smoother running computer, new computer desk, and tv in my bedroom!

Now someone wanna tell me what I'm gunna do with 6 hard drives?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wow.. a whole week...

Between blogs!

Not a whole lot to say here right now.. nothing terribly exciting going on in my life. Same ol boring same ol really. I seem to be in a design funk right now. I've got a new kit in the works.. the papers are done and now Im just stuck for elements. So I've been taking some me time and getting some scrapping done and pictures taken.

Today was a really nice day outside, so I took Liam and Greyson to the park after we walked Braeden to school. Although Liam wasn't too into it. It took some coaxing to get him off the bench and playing on the playground. Then we had to cut it short because Greyson needed a diaper change and I didn't bring a bag with me. I did manage to get some really cute shots though, one of which was a MUST scrap right away. I wasn't sure that I had gotten the shot b/c the LCD on the camera was hard to see b/c of the glare from the sun. So I was sitting here downloading pics from the camera when much to my surprise I got this.... and I just had to scrap it.


Playground Pop by Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative
Alpha Doodles 2 by Jill D-Zines at SOTB
Song Lyrics by Tim Mc Graw

Here's another one I got today.... this one of Greyson.

Meredith Fenwick's Firelight Paper and Element Packs
Extras: ribbon, paperclip, and tab by Christina Renee, alpha stamp by Lisa Whitney, flowers from Miss Mint's Cinnamon Tea Kit (recolored)

Blythe Evans' Nostalgia Kit
Extras: pinned tag and Flowers from Miss Mint's Cinnamon Tea Kit (recolored) and Michelle Coleman's Handstamped Alpha brushes.

Friday, February 2, 2007

More LO's from me!

I had so much fun shopping with my DST birthday goodies! I bought this FAB kit by Carrie Stephens called Express Yourself over at FishScraps.

This is my, now 4 yr old, Liam and all of his "faces". He was about 15-18 months in the top few and the middle one on the bottom. The other 2 were taken this past year.

This next one is a new AAM layout.
pretty Self explanitory lol.


Yesteryear by Sherrie Piegdon at SOTB
Extra Element Credits:

Flowers: Melany Violette, Notebook Paper: Blythe Evans-Dirty Love kit (SOTB), Tag: Carla Gibson's Sampler Pack at Oscraps.
Title Art: Michelle Coleman's Handstamped Alpha Brushes

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Taking a little design break for a few days or so.. I was SO creative this last week, I am now creatively drained!

So, with my new found time I'll be keeping busy by scrapping for myself for a change.

Here's a new LO with an old picture.

I took this photo of my youngest son, Greyson, while he slept on the living room floor. He was about 2.5 months old and everytime I look at it I laugh at how chubby he was.


Baby Boy Kit by Yvette Sanders at SOTB

baby feet charm by BetteD

Tag by Doris Castle

Staple by moi.

Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman

stitching-Little Bits Pastels by Christine Nash

Font: CK Lovenote