Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grace..Her Name Is Not!

The clutz that I am managed to trip over my own pants yesterday, land flat on my ass, and possibly broke my toe. Yet, my ass doesn't hurt in the least. My leg is sore as hell and my toe is .. well my toe is purple. It hurts less today than it did yesterday. I can't put any weight on it and it's starting to feel a bit numb.

WARNING- If you're grossed out by feet.. cover your eyes now and run away. Quick.. Hurry.. It's coming to get you!!

I took these just now with Dan's cell phone so the quality is crap but it serves it's purpose. You can tell which one it is.

Comparison.. healthy toe vs busted toe. Whaddya think? I think.. I need a pedicure!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! Incase anyone was wondering where I've been.. we got a bad virus on the computer. We spent alot of time cleaning it and ended up having to reformat, so that is why I haven't been able to update my blog.

Our Christmas was pretty good. We didn't do anything special really, we stayed home and hung out with the kids. I didn't feel like running around from house to house and eating several meals.

The kids really made out like bandits this year. In addition to various toys that lit up, spun around, and flew through the house.. they scored over $400 in gift cards. I threw a few in that were given to Dan and me and also some cash gifts and I was able to buy a Wii! I got the console, an extra remote, the charging station, Wii Play (w/ bonus remote), and a few games. They were out of the Wii Fit at both Target and Best Buy, so I guess I will have to wait to get that.

Anyone who has a Wii Fit, which games do you like the best? Which ones do you think give you the best work out. I have heard that this could be one of the best fat burners and I really need to get back into exercising more.

We have been playing Wii all weekend.. my arm is so sore. My little ones really like the Bowling and the Golf games. My 6 yr old is killer at bowling. He threw like 3 strikes in a row last night and creamed me and my 13 yr old!

So that was our holiday! How was yours?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I understand *now* why animals eat their young..

Seriously, bad day. I have an appointment I have to take Kyle to in an hour, so he is home, I have 3 who are on winter break for 3 more weeks, and people wonder why I am crazy?? I am seriously considering voluntary commitment.

I don't even think I have anything more to say right now. I'll be back later once the booze and drugs have kicked in (that's a joke peeps.).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On This Day-December 16, 1995

At 1:01 am an 8 lb 1 oz and 19 inch long baby boy came into this world and changed my life forever (and gave me an excuse to eat cake).

Happy 13th Birthday Alexander Cole!!

It's official.. I have ANOTHER Teenager.

This is the youngest pic I could find that got scanned, I think he was about 2.

This was Alex with a teeny tiny, umm Greyson, I think lol. Liam wasn't that chunky. So Alex was about 8.

And this was Labor Day weekend, 2008.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Only For You, My Dear, Only For You

I believe it was Thursday night, my ever so wonderful dear husband of 12 years was watching the Sharks/Ducks game on tv. The cameras pick up this sharks fanatic wearing this godawful hat. The best way I can describe it as some sort of fuzzy, featherboa, pimp hat with a Sharks logo sewn on the front. It was most definately NOT official Sharks gear.

Now, my dear sweet husband who shall (not) remain nameless (aka DAN!) was so distracted by the hat that he failed to notice the image in the background until I pointed it out. Funny thing is.. is it was the first thing I saw. He's been bugging me to blog this so there you have it dear!

Brr.. it's a tit nipply in here, dontcha think??

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Home, Really Tired

Well, I am home from the trip with my mom. Yes, that was this weekend. I am so tired. I am so tired that it took me 3 attempts at writing the title of this post before I finally got it right on the 4Th. First it was Tored, then I tried to type To-- again, then it was Tires. And thank god for spell checker because every other word before I hit check was misspelled.

The party was nice. We got there a little late due to our flight being later because we had to make an appearance at my niece's 1st birthday party. We changed in the airport bathroom and did our make up on the plane. We got there in time for dinner, which was soo good. Filet Mignon with Shrimp Scampi.

We had a nice relaxing day today, had a nice breakfast at the hotel and headed off back to the airport. Now we're home and I'm falling asleep, so I am going off to bed. Have a good night and I'll check ya in the morning.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I must be getting old. My knees are killing me and my butt hurts. For awhile, I couldn't figure out why my butt hurt. I knew my my knees hurt, it's because it's going to rain. I wish it would just hurry up and rain already. My butt hurts, and this is my only possible explanation because lord knows it isn't because I did any exercise!

When my mom and I were on our way to go see Sadie, we got a little lost due to bad directions. Well, we both had to pee. I had a medium soda from Panda Express (which is HUGE) an hour or 2 before. I had to pee so bad that the only way I could think of to not pee on myself was to clench my butt cheeks and girly parts really hard. So yeah, I hurt.

The other day, I had this thought. Yeah, I know.. I smell smoke too. I know that if I can get my husband to agree to this, I'll regret it. Anyway, I am so desperate to get the hell out of this apartment complex and into a house that I am seriously contemplating finding house for rent that has detached in-law quarters. A lot of the newer homes around here have them and I figure that we might be able to afford the rent if we could split it somehow. So I thought if we could find something available like that then we could let my dad rent the in-law quarters and we'd take the main house.

Here's the kicker.. my dad annoys the living bajeezus out of me. I don't really want to do this. I could do it if it were my mom because my mom doesn't hover (read: smother). I think I am over it now, just writing it out helped me over my insanity. No thanks, I'll pass!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tag! You're It!

Apparently I've been tagged! So, I guess I'm supposed to tell you seven things about me. Here goes!

I love butterflies.
I love purple
I watch too much TV.
I have been watching All My Children since I was 7.
I went to 4 different High Schools.
I love cheesy movies made for teenageers.
I love road trips.

Who I am tagging:


Friday, December 5, 2008


I love looking at the keywords used in search engines that have lead people to my blog. Most of it makes sense, but some are so off the wall that it makes you laugh out loud.

1.scrap for hire-makes sense..
2. paid surveys for kids
3. It's a boy layouts
4. ChaCha
5. "Allstate stan are you in good hands"- Dude.. it's "That's Allstate's STAND!"

Moving on..

6. pure evil butterfly- Ok, now I'm evil??
7. cookery school melon balling- Please see the Melon Ball post for explanation.
8. couch moths- Umm ok.
9. Heather Manning Design- Heather is over there --->

There were alot more but most were repeats.

This was so funny..

The other day we switched our phone and ISP over to the cable company. One feature we have now that we didn't before is the ability to refuse calls from Private or Unknown callers. When they do call, they hear a message that says something like "I'm sorry the customer you are trying to call blahblahblah, please unblock your number and call back."

So the cable guy is here and talking to us and we get our very first call on the new phone (same number, new service) and the caller ID comes up as "Telemarketer". I have been on the do not call list since it came out and never had a problem until recently. Anyway, so I answer the phone but before they can take a breath, I say "Take me off your list". And I hang up.

Alex is laughing at me, I'm laughing at me, Dan's laughing at me, and the cable guy is still talking! Knowing these obnoxious people it was probably someone trying give me insurance quotes or something like that. That's definatley one job I wouldn't ever want. They couldn't pay me enough.

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful people out there who have voted and commented on my layout entry for the Wacom Pen Scrappers contest! Don't forget you can vote every day until Jan 31, 2009. Just click the badge below! Thanks again!

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I Love My Job!

I swear I have one of the best jobs. Who couldn't think so when your job not only lets you stay at home in your jammies on your couch, makes you money, and is so entertaining!

I never thought I would say this but.. thank god for bored teenagers with cell phones and text messaging! "Can you tell me what Zyporex is used for?" Now this is either a test because they already know what it is or they heard it mentioned (or found it) somewhere.

"Sure my friend! Zyporex is an acne treatment product."

Like I said.. you just gotta love it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy Day!

In addition to having my son's birthday, I had a dentist appointment today. I thought it would take a lot longer than it did. I was in the chair for all of 15 minutes. We discussed our next moves which are a cleaning next week. I have to schedule my extractions and then we can start the repair work.

My sister in law dropped me off and my mom was supposed to pick me up. So to kill time, I ran over to Target and walked around every inch of that store. I looked at craft stuff, towels, bedspreads,toys, kids wagons, new phones-which I almost considered getting, Wii stuff that I want when I get one finally, and my mom suggested I look at books. Well great.. guess what I came home with? Yep, a new book. It's a Sophie Kinsella novel in the same spirit as the Shopaholic books called "Can You Keep A Secret?"

Then we had to drop some stuff off at her house,run to my brothers and pick up his truck so we could haul all the kids to Coldstone for Liam's birthday treat. Talk about stressful. I nearly had an aneurysm.

Now it's over and everyone is in bed. Ahh, the calm! Have a good night everyone!

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Happy Birthday to My Boy!

It's hard to believe that today you are 6 years old. It seemed like it took forever for you to be five and once you were time just flew by and here we are at the beginning of a whole new year!

Six years ago today, my sweet little Liam was born. I never could have imagined how this day would go. I expected it to be a piece of cake, I was in for a treat but it sure wasn't cake! Little did I know, that even if you had tried to come out the right way.. it would have ended up the same way because your cord was wrapped around our neck. Not once but twice!

And this was only the beginning. You have been my most challenging child yet but it's been a good challenge. Life wouldn't be the same without you in it. You make each day interesting.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.

Wacom Pen Scrappers Contest Entry!

This time it's a scrap contest. If you have time, can you please vote for my layout? This one you can vote everyday, you might have to clear your cache though. It ends Jan 31, 2009.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bad Blogger, Bad!

Me not the service. The holidays always seem to leave me feeling drained and couple that with the beginning of a six week long trip to hell winter break for 3 of the 4 kids who actually go to school. The good news is that one of them is going back tomorrow. His winter break doesn't start until just before Christmas.

This morning I woke up and went to make some coffee only to find that someone drank the last of my coffee creamer, AGAIN! It did last longer than expected, I've got to give him props for that. I had to send poor Alex down to the 7-11 with some change to get me some little to go creamers so I could have some sense of normalcy today. Mom's bringing me some more on her way to work tomorrow.

Mom and I are going to visit our Sadie girl this coming weekend, I think. I may have to ask my dad to come over and babysit because Dan has a race to work that weekend and I just now remembered.

Speaking of our Sadie girl, I've gotten some new pictures of her this time, also with her brother who was in the other pictures.


Anyway, the new monitor came last week. I can't remember if I mentioned it had arrived. I love it. It is so much better than that old CRT we had. There is so much more room now on the desk it's like having all new office furniture without having to buy all new stuff.

Oh before I forget, this week is my Designer Spotlight week over at Oscraps. There is a cool free mini-kit and a coupon in for y'all if you participate in the challenge. Check it out HERE.

Have a good night everyone!