Friday, December 5, 2008

This was so funny..

The other day we switched our phone and ISP over to the cable company. One feature we have now that we didn't before is the ability to refuse calls from Private or Unknown callers. When they do call, they hear a message that says something like "I'm sorry the customer you are trying to call blahblahblah, please unblock your number and call back."

So the cable guy is here and talking to us and we get our very first call on the new phone (same number, new service) and the caller ID comes up as "Telemarketer". I have been on the do not call list since it came out and never had a problem until recently. Anyway, so I answer the phone but before they can take a breath, I say "Take me off your list". And I hang up.

Alex is laughing at me, I'm laughing at me, Dan's laughing at me, and the cable guy is still talking! Knowing these obnoxious people it was probably someone trying give me insurance quotes or something like that. That's definatley one job I wouldn't ever want. They couldn't pay me enough.

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