Monday, December 1, 2008

Bad Blogger, Bad!

Me not the service. The holidays always seem to leave me feeling drained and couple that with the beginning of a six week long trip to hell winter break for 3 of the 4 kids who actually go to school. The good news is that one of them is going back tomorrow. His winter break doesn't start until just before Christmas.

This morning I woke up and went to make some coffee only to find that someone drank the last of my coffee creamer, AGAIN! It did last longer than expected, I've got to give him props for that. I had to send poor Alex down to the 7-11 with some change to get me some little to go creamers so I could have some sense of normalcy today. Mom's bringing me some more on her way to work tomorrow.

Mom and I are going to visit our Sadie girl this coming weekend, I think. I may have to ask my dad to come over and babysit because Dan has a race to work that weekend and I just now remembered.

Speaking of our Sadie girl, I've gotten some new pictures of her this time, also with her brother who was in the other pictures.


Anyway, the new monitor came last week. I can't remember if I mentioned it had arrived. I love it. It is so much better than that old CRT we had. There is so much more room now on the desk it's like having all new office furniture without having to buy all new stuff.

Oh before I forget, this week is my Designer Spotlight week over at Oscraps. There is a cool free mini-kit and a coupon in for y'all if you participate in the challenge. Check it out HERE.

Have a good night everyone!

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