Monday, December 15, 2008

Only For You, My Dear, Only For You

I believe it was Thursday night, my ever so wonderful dear husband of 12 years was watching the Sharks/Ducks game on tv. The cameras pick up this sharks fanatic wearing this godawful hat. The best way I can describe it as some sort of fuzzy, featherboa, pimp hat with a Sharks logo sewn on the front. It was most definately NOT official Sharks gear.

Now, my dear sweet husband who shall (not) remain nameless (aka DAN!) was so distracted by the hat that he failed to notice the image in the background until I pointed it out. Funny thing is.. is it was the first thing I saw. He's been bugging me to blog this so there you have it dear!

Brr.. it's a tit nipply in here, dontcha think??


  1. OMG! I don't know which is worse, the hat or the shirt!! LMBO

    And you shouldn't have given in to him! Make him get his own darn blog!

  2. I would have to ask- WHY would someone wear something like that to a sports arena? For attention? For the laughs? LOL...take yer pick- hat or shirt?

  3. ROFL.. I know why HE wore the hat, to get on tv.. mission accomplished! Rofl, I wonder if that lady got to see herself on Tv. At least her head is cut off so no one can identify her.. as long as she burns that top! Hahahaa.