Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Boy!

It's hard to believe that today you are 6 years old. It seemed like it took forever for you to be five and once you were time just flew by and here we are at the beginning of a whole new year!

Six years ago today, my sweet little Liam was born. I never could have imagined how this day would go. I expected it to be a piece of cake, I was in for a treat but it sure wasn't cake! Little did I know, that even if you had tried to come out the right way.. it would have ended up the same way because your cord was wrapped around our neck. Not once but twice!

And this was only the beginning. You have been my most challenging child yet but it's been a good challenge. Life wouldn't be the same without you in it. You make each day interesting.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.

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