Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Explanation..

I am feeling a little bit better this week. Nothing has actually gotten better, I have just let the dust settle a little bit and I am thinking more clearly. There's not really a whole lot I can do to change it.. so I guess I just have to accept it and move on.

Let's back the truck up a little and I will explain everything that has transpired over the last few weeks.

First, the bike got stolen but that you already know.

Last week, just before I was about to head to the grocery store.. my truck was repossessed. This I blame Dan for wholeheartedly-sorry dear just can't sugarcoat this one. It was in his name and he was blatantly ignoring the bank. I am angry because I didn't want the thing in the first place because I knew we couldn't afford it nor did he even discuss it with me before he bought it. He HAD to have it and justified it by insisting we needed it for work purposes. Basically, something was supposed to happen and it has not yet. He should know better by now considering it's something that was supposed to happen 3 years ago. But now of course we are in debt because of empty promises and stupidity. So now we have 5 kids and no transportation and I have to depend on everyone else just for my basic needs and nessecities (like getting to the grocery store, to the bank, etc).

Moving on.. no sense in beating the dead horse to a bloody pulp.

Dan and I have to go to court on the 24th because our ever so lovely 14 yr old who likes to run away when he doesn't want to follow the house rules, has a hearing in juvenile court. This should be interesting.. just incase you didn't know, it's not a good idea to spray paint obscenities on a tractor.

I have decided that all of the proceeds from my money making efforts that I do online, will go towards buying ME a new (used) car. One that we can all fit into to replace not only the truck but my old paid off minivan that my "dear" husband decided we HE should sell because.. I can't even remember why.

I know there is more but I seem to have blocked out all traumatic events leading up to my nervous breakdown.. I'm sure it will manage to remind me sooner or later.

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  1. UGH! I am sorry. I wish there was more I could say, but you know my shoulder is always here. I wish I was closer!! ((HugS))