Thursday, October 18, 2007

Superbowl and My Birthday

I know it's only October but it seems like the Superbowl is just around the corner. They are even selling Super Bowl tickets already, can you believe it?!?!! Well ok, I sorta can since everyone and their dog wants to go. It always seems to land around my birthday though, so this year (2008) I am celebrating my birthday the following weekend. How am I celebrating? Well... a couple years back a friend and I went up to Reno for the weekend. That was a blast. Am I doing that? Nope! I'm going to.... CHA in Anaheim!! I am so excited, I can't wait! Five whole days to myself.

Since it is within my state the plane tix won't be all that much and my mom is letting me use some of her timeshare credits for my hotel stay as my bday pressie. I am going down a day early so I can settle in and my aunt lives in the general vicinity so I am going to try to hook up with her before the convention starts.

Nt much else to report today, DH is home sick the last few days, hopefully I don't get it. Nothing worse than a sick mommy!

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