Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Clever Marketing...

I was going too title this post "New Tv Shows and Surveys" but I felt this was more approriate because really, it is very clever now that I think about it.

Ok, it's no secret that I like to take paid surveys or even surveys for prizes. So, in the last month, I have been offered pretty high point value surveys for watching the premiere episodes of new tv shows or new seasons of existing shows. Both times I am hooked. But I admit it.. I am easy.

Whch brings me to my newest "must see tv" show.. 'Samantha Who??' with Christina Applegate. This was seriously hysterical. It's about a real estate executive who gets into a car wreck that leaves her with amnesia. She returns home to stay with her family while she recooperates learning new and interesting things about her previous life. She goes in for a Dr's appt thinking it's related to her current condition only to be "felt up" by her Dr, quickly learning that she was there to get a boob job. She returns to work to find out she has a fear of elevators and that her co-workers think she's been in rehab.

I was in hysterics.. even my husband enjoyed it and his sense of humor is limited lol. Like I said.. very Clever Marketing.

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