Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guys Night Out..

Which really technically wasn't a "guys" night out considering my SIL, MIL, and Niece went too, but DH had a nice nice at the hockey game. Which by the way I can finally talk about on my blog. This was THE single most hardest secret I ever had to keep, but if I wanted to pull it off I had to keep my trap shut.

Background... DH's bday was at the end of September. It only hit me like 3 days before his bday what I should get him that he'd really love and be insanely shocked to get. So, I ordered it but it wasn't due to ship until 2-3 wks later! I wasn't sure how long I could keep quiet. Thankfully it arrived early and in time for the game. What did I get? I got him a new team jersey complete with his fave player's name and number.

It was awesome, he was so surprised!

So, fast forward to the hockey game on Saturday, Mom and Sister have season tickets so they often take DH when they have an extra or something. Anyway- DH got me a picture of the sports announcer guy... this all started when I told DH that I'd like to stick him in my pocket and bring him home with me. So DH said he was gunna tell him lol. But he got me a picture instead.. and of course I scrapped it. I had the perfect papers.

Anyway, them were some wicked tickets, if I don't say so myself hehehe.

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