Thursday, December 14, 2006

How in the world did I ever live.......

Without a microwave? I don't think I can even remember not having one, ever! I'm sure my parents didn't have one when I was super little as I don't really remember having one in the house before I was like 7 or so.. but the other day during a LOST marathon, my microwave decided to bite the big one. ACK, No Popcorn???? It's truely a tragedy lol.

Not being able to heat things up on a whim has been really hard, I never realized how much we depend on that thing.. so far I've gotten by with the oven and the stove but I need my instant gratification dagnabbit!

So, Im surfing on last night to see about finding a replacement.. man things have gotten technologically advanced... I guess I shouldn't be terribly surprised given my line of work and all.

But seriously, does some one really need to have a a nuker with a built in coffeemaker or toaster? Talk about multi-tasking! It does look cool though.

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  1. hahaha... my middle ds brett didn't have one either and he didn't know how to warm up his leftovers so he would just through them out.... i asked him what was wrong with using the stove or oven and he was like oh... i never thought of that....

    hugs, susan/chocolatte