Saturday, May 16, 2009

ChaCha Info

I know there were some people out there wanting to sign up for ChaCha but they had closed hiring for awhile. It is currently open again for SMS Guides only as of May 15. It will close again soon, So, if you are still interested run over and sign up!!

The link to the application page is

Warning: the pay has changed slightly as there is no more top guide and everyone (SMS Guides only) gets the same sliding scale pay depending on categories of questions but it's still money.

Enter in my email address (blytheevans at gmail dot com) as your referral on your application and you'll get put on my team.

There are 2 tests to take. For the best possible chance at passing them, I urge you to read everything they give you and watch all the videos before attempting any testing. Once you fail, that's it. You can't reapply for that role. Also, the 1st test is timed. It is 20 multiple choice Q's within 10 minutes, if you time out you fail. So try not to do that :)

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me at the address above and title it "ChaCha". I'd like to be able to help those struggling financially but it won't help if you jump the gun lol.

Good Luck!

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