Sunday, August 5, 2012

Corndog Muffins **Recipe**

I saw this cute little idea for a fun kids meal or party appetizer on Pintester and it seemed too easy to not to mess up but seeing as how she fucked it up, I knew right away I could do better. It is very easy too. All you need is a box of cornbread mix and some hotdogs. Since I hate hotdogs unless they are all beef and Hebrew National, I decided to use All beef Lil' Smokies. They are also the perfect size.

All you do is make the cornbread batter as directed, you can use from scratch as well if you are feeling adventurous but I'm not that outgoing so a boxed mix it is. Make sure you use muffin cups. This was where Pintester went wrong in my opinion. Hers fell apart coming out of the muffin tin. Stick a dog in each center and pop in the oven and cook as directed on box or recipe.

Now.. here is what I will do differently next time. I will make a double batch or even a triple batch of cornbread batter. One box will only make about 12 muffins, I got 11. And I will probably cut the end off the smokies so they have a flat surface to stand on. Mine are kind of leaning over and look slightly phallic. I'm sure they will taste just fine and the kids are going to love them! I am pre-making them now and going to pop in the freezer for the boys to have for lunch with some oven baked french fries. I will also be using a mini muffin tin next time since that's what the original recipe used. This time, I have huge muffins with tiny meat.

Before baking

They look and smell so good that I might even try one! Enjoy!

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