Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm home and other ramblings...

I've actually been home for a little over a week now. Sorry I didn't updated sooner, I was workin' hard for the money (lol!) and getting reacclimated to real life..because everyone knows that (semi) vacation life and real home life are 2 entirely different things. Even spending money is different.

So, update on my Dad. He was supposed to have the surgery on Friday (the 18th) but on Thursday evening he had a little episode where he got really queasy and dizzy and you could see he wasn't well. All the color drained out of his face and nearly his whole left side went weak and numb. at first it hought h had a heart attack, since he's in for heart problems and all but thankfully no. They thought he might have had a stroke or a mini-stroke but he didn't. They had to cancel the surgery on Friday until they heard back from the Neurologists. So they cleared him and rescheduled for first thing Monday (the 21st) morning. I spent Sunday with and then Monday with him. He was still out cold and sedated when I finally had to leave (7 hrs after surgery was complete). They released him just last Saturday and he is staying with friends until he can do more for himself.

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