Sunday, June 3, 2007

So apparently I am a horrid mother...

My two older boys are (almost) 13 and 11 yrs old.

This morning started off not terribly bad. I was up pretty late finishing up a layout I was working on, so I was tired. I got the older boys to take the little boys to the park for a bit so I could clean the house (which now looks just like it did when I woke, ok slighty better but not by much) and maybe get some work done online.

So off they go for awhile and I get things looking good enough that I'd let someone come in if they dropped by. They come back around lunch so the little ones could eat and take rests and they eat and off they go to a friends house.. and didn't come back til after 8 pm. Now these boys KNOW what time dinner is and they know to be home for it unless they call or come home to ASK to do something else..and if they miss dinner well then, I guess it wasn't that important in the first place.

So, I prepared dinner as I usually do and they did not show up.. 2 hours later they come waltzing in the door like nothing happened. So I said "Goodnight" and then WW3 happens.

Screaming and tantrums commence.. mostly from the (almost) 13 yr old. The 11 yr old gets an attitude which I promptly put in check. Closet kicking and door slamming... mind you about 15 min prior I just put the little boys to bed and they were actually quiet. And then for the next 45 min I get screamed at about how I don't care, and how this they had plans (PLANS??? Did you ASK? Uh no I think not.) to eat popcorn watch a movie and spend the night and it's all my fault.

Then, they act like Im stupid and try to tell me that the clock at the friends house is 2 hrs behind... (Do I have stupid stamped on my forehead??) And everytime I say, I am not talking to you anymore, you know the rules deal with the consequences, stop talking and go to bed. They keep going... like it's going to change anything.. no.. if anything it's making me madder.

Please someone tell me this is normal for this age b/c right now I'm feeling absolutely horrid that I like them better when they are not home. See I told ya... horrid. I hate when Dan is gone.. but I also hate being broke. I hope he's not having any fun... because Im definately not.


  1. LOL - welcome to the pre-teens! Unfortunately it's soooo normal!! You sound like an awesome mom - you did everything right and stuck to your guns. Your boys are lucky! Now days you see far too many parents that just give in to "save peace" so to speak! You go girl!! By the way - just wait till they hit their mid teens - lol!!


  2. Thanks Kimberly. I do feel a bit better this morning. My 11 yr old is acting a bit like his regular self doing what I ask without anything but a "Yes Mom" but still having tantrum issues with the 13 yr old.. can't say as Im surprised, he's always been like that. I just hoped he'd outgrow it.

    Any chance I can just check myself into a looney bin til they grow out of this? Oh wait.. this IS the looney bin!

  3. Micheline MartinJune 3, 2007 at 4:54 PM

    Oy women I'm so not looking forward to when logan and mystaya grow up a little LOL. It's very natural for kids to act that way i remember acting worse LOL (((((big ol hugs girl))))) your the best mommy in the world!!! When they are older they will say so too :D

  4. This is so absolutely normal - and just the beginning lol! As a step-mom I thought it was me for a the first couple of years, I naively kept telling myself "they wouldn't behave like this with their real mom." But I was wrong, they were worse with their real mom. Stand up rows in the middle of the street even! I hate to say we were still having 'tantrums' into the early 20s - though far less frequently but omg they were so tiring! Still the eldest is divorced with two of her own now, and I have to laugh when she complains about their tantrums - they're only 6 and 8!
    Hang in there, when they've got their own children you'll be able to remind them what they were like at that age!