Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not just for Seagulls...

Ok, you know those plastic 6 pack soda can holders? And you know how you are supposed to cut them before throwing them out? Yeah, well now seagulls aren't the only thing you'll be saving.

How about saving the 4 yr old.... from himself!!

Enough said? Yeah, but not really. I forgot to blog this when it happened and DH asked last night if I had and I hadn't so here it is now. The other night, our 4 yr old came into the living room with his hands behind his back and says "I'm stuck!". I turn him around and burst into laughter. The child has "handcuffed" himself with this plastic 6-pack holder. How and why, I will never know, because this is the child who was literally born a handful. Really, I shoulda known from the get-go. The child who was born a week early and got stuck (seeing a theme here?) and sent Mommy in for an emergency c-section.

More interesting conversation...

You know you a computer geek when...

You ask your spouse how big his hard drive is and literally mean the actual hard drive, however it still sounds dirty.


  1. OMGOSH how in the world did he do that! you got yourself a mini hoodiny in your house wow!
    LMAO @ how big your hard drive is!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL...this is cracking me up! Fun blog :)

  3. Jennifer (Jennilyn)June 21, 2007 at 11:23 AM

    LOL Too funny! On both accounts! :)

  4. My husband was in police rangers in high school so when my son found his handcuffs, he thoght that was great. Hmmm. Plastic can holders---hmmm, might be a good travel idea. (SOOOO just kidding!)

    When I call my hubby to tell him I'm in the mood, I'll tell him that there is something wrong with my i/o port and I think I need some service on it. Gotta love the computer geek hubbys!

  5. LOL...The adventures of having children! I hope you took a photo of those "handcuffs" to scrap as blackmail!

    Yes, how big is his hard drive? giggle.

  6. LOL!!! Too funny! Both stories! :)