Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Baby's On The 'Roids....

So over Memorial day weekend, my little one, Liam (he's 4) broke out in a rash. Wasn't sure what from, but it was definately an allergic reaction to something as Benadryl and Hydrocortizone cream was helping. I decided to regularly treat it and see how it went before draggiing him into the Dr's office. I am SO not one of those moms who runs to the Dr office for every little scratch lol. Hell I hate leaving the house.. unlesss Im alone of course.

So, Friday (last week) I took him in b/c it just wasn't going away. When the Benadryl wore off it came right back. So we go to the Dr's and I love my dr.. he's awesome. But this kinda just stumped him b/c he couldn't say "Oh it's this.." no it's just a common rash that as he put it.. "It's like calling a car a car." So he says.. keep doing the Benadryl and cream and an Aveeno bath once a day through the weekend and if by Monday it's not gone then here's a Rx for an oral steroid.

Monday comes, it's pretty much gone so we stop all the meds and just do the cream.. well yesterday he started itching again so I picked the Rx up since I was at the store anyway.

Now, my baby is on steriods for the next 5 days.. hopefulyl it won't hype him up too much. The kid is already naturally bouncing off the walls. After we got home yesterday he colored his nose blue with a marker.

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