Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am never moving from this spot....

Unless of course I have to eat or pee. LOL!

My new laptop arrived yesterday, YAY! So, I finally finished installing all my windows updates, installing my ch needed programs, and transferring all my "crap" as DH would say, from the desktop. Now, Im cruising my regular stomping grounds plus searching for neat goodies to accesorize with my new toy.

Right now, I am looking at this GORGEOUS laptop tote on

Only 59.00 to Etsy Customers! This designer has several fabulous bags and cases in some really great patterns.

Mind you the 59 dollar price is for the larger 17 in monitors, the smaller standard size bags are 49.00

What else do I need? Oooh yeah I need a little software case, it would be fab if I could get one to match my bag lol. And how bout...... ok I can't think of anything else right now, but Im sure given a little time I could think of something. Oh well would ya look at that.. I thought of something. I need a custom skin for my laptop. I was going to get one at time of purchase but I wanted to scrap something special and didnt have anything on hand.

On another note-

My 3 youngest children have taken to overturning their mattresses and making slides. *Insert Eyeroll*. This morning, I heard one of them say "Let's go make a club!" So now Im thinking I should buy them a bed-tent and maybe they'll leave the mattresses alone. Wishful thinking, I'm sure.

I suppose I should get off here for about 5 seconds and get them dressed since I have to take the 5 yr old to school. Friday, is his last day and then Im off the hook for 10 days before he starts 1st grade! WoW! A full day of school, I'm so excited.. you know for him lol.

Anyway, better get going. Thanks for reading.


  1. I love that tote, although I love my new one too, the kiwi and chocolate (even sounds yummy) Mimi tote, it holds the 17" widescreen and is chocka with great features and little hide away places.

  2. Wow! That tote looks awesome. I don't even have a laptop and I could use that. Wonder how it would work as a gym bag? lol
    Have fun with the kids and their cubbies.

  3. Sue-

    I think she has the same patterns in other types of bags. Check her out, I know I saw cell phone cases, and other types of bags too so she does lots more than just laptop totes.

  4. Congrats on the new laptop! Love that bag... the design is just yummy!!! Have a great day (make sure you move from that spot a leetle bit k?!) LOL

  5. I had to giggle when I read about your kids turning their mattresses into slides. My 6yo does this all of the time. I'm glad to read I am not alone! LOL