Sunday, June 17, 2007

YEAH!! I am on my way to FREEDOM!

First let me just start this off by saying 3.5 seems to be the magic number!

Ok so we I Haven't been pushing the PT thing with G too much b/c I learned my lesson with the first boy LOL. So, we've just been talking about it for a few months and tried having him sit up there from time to time (we don't do potty chairs) but he's always been scared or didn't want to.

So tonight he took off his diaper twice and told DH that it was "yucky" and needed a new one so the second time I don't even think he was wet so I left him naked for a bit and I was sitting here and I said "Hey let's look at some potty chairs!" Even though we don't normally use them I thought I might have to with him since he's been so skittish.

So we looked and he was all excited and he started acting like he needed to go so I said Let's go sit on the potty! This time he led the way and I had togo too so I said here I'll go first and show you. So I did and he was all proud that Mommy went pee pee in the potty and we had a little party for me. Then I put him up and he said I want to sit backwards! So I turned him around and he sat there and he told me that he wasn't Greyson he was "Mee-Um" and he was a big boy to pee pee in the potty. So I indulge of course lol. After awhile he actually pooped AND peed!! And he was so proud he didn't want to get down LOL! Oh he was SO proud. Daddy was on the phone when he went to tell him so he kept talking and then by the time Daddy was done he forgot waht he was supposed to tell him but then after some prompting he told him and it was SO cute!

Then we got his "treat" which was frosted flakes b/c he had wanted breakfast for dinner but we mean parents made the kid have tri-tip LOL!!

So I guess this means we are starting to train! I sure hope he stays easy like he was tonight. I have LITERALLY been buying diapers for the last 6 years. The last time I was diaper free was the 2 years in between training Alex (11) and Braeden being born, I am SO ready to reclaim that extra $40 bucks a month!!

Here's a recent pic of my munchkin from Memorial Day

Thanks for reading!

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