Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Wonderful Husband_

Gotta love him right? He thinks he is SO funny! Tuesday is my birthday, so this weekend he's been all over me asking what I want for my birthday. SO I told him.. I want a new tattoo, cash towards my Reno trip, clothes..  any one of those things would be just fine. He looks at me and says, "How about something practical like stuff for the kitchen..." Um hello, things for me to use to make things for YOU is not a birthday gift. A birthday gift is something that I get to enjoy for me. His other suggestion was new furniture. Yes, we need new furniture but don't use my birthday as an excuse to buy it! Sheesh man..

I also gave him a more reasonable suggestion.. the butterfly ring I have been wanting for like 2 yrs now. But I'd also like for him to come up with something on his own for a change. No one likes to pick out their own gift. All I know is we're going out to dinner, not sure where yet.

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  1. Ohh pretty ring.
    It's such a guy thing to not know what to get. I know that I need to give DH some specific ideas when it comes to my birthday or Christmas. But, as soon as he starts pushing aside my suggestions and offering kitchen items, that's when he's on his own again. Only now, the pressure is up because he knows I know he's thinking about it.