Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Back To Normal_

Whatever that is! After about 10 days or so, all the kids are back in school. Liam was out for a little over a week due to a mild case of Chicken Pox. He was already vaccinated so it was very mild. No fever, very little itching, spots all over but not too severe.

On Friday, Greyson stayed home because of a icky cough that he somewhat still has but not as bad. And finally, this rain has stopped! It actually stopped last week but I was hesitant to jump up and down for fear that it would say "Haha Made Ya Look!" and start coming down again.

A few good things coming up, we got our taxes done and filed as of last night (yippee!), Dan has informed me that we are finally going to buy a car- we have been without one for about a year now. It's time. Not sure what we will be getting though. Most likely another minivan, which is fine but I miss my truck. And last but not least, it looks like Dan may be getting somewhat of a promotion (??). Right now, he is the 'Assistant Manager of Inventory Control' and they really want him to take the position of Warehouse Lead, which really sounds like a step down but they are pushing to be able to give him an increase in pay if he takes it. So, I guess we'll see. If he takes it he may also have to work graves.

The kids just walked in-Early Release Monday, so it's homework time. Let the chaos begin!

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  1. Good luck with the promo! And enjoy picking out your new vehicle. Congrats =)