Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, That Was Interesting_

Ok, so I haven't blogged in a few days. The last time I did, the site was acting kind of buggy and it went down just after I posted last. I've been kind of busy this week so I thought I would just let it go and check back later. So, I got a few minutes and came on to blog a bit and my site was down. Come to find out somehow my IP addy got blocked and I couldn't access my own site! Never really had a problem with this webhost, I would recommend them to anyone. Just weird. They had me back up and running minutes after I emailed. They really do have top notch customer service even if weird things happen on occasion.

ANYWAY! The ADSR has started up again. Our first challenge was to create a Layout about your race partner. Layout must contain something about your partner and be a scraplift of one of your partner's layouts. So here is mine:


My partner this year is Bobbie.
We were partners last year too.
We originally met when she
applied for my Creative Team.
We hit it off and became very
close friends.

Bobbie is probably one of the
coolest people I know.
Not only is she sweet & funny,
she is also a fabulous mom
and photographer.

I am glad to have her in
my life because I know I can
count on her always.


Ocean Breeze Paperpack & Au Natural Alpha by Blythe Evans @ Scrappity-Doo-Dah
Bubble Wrap Stamps, dirt spray, Strings w/ Things, & binder clip by Micheline Martin (retired)
Ribbon cluster: All Dressed Up Ribbons by Jennifer Barrette.

Scraplift of: photo=547974&title=no-hands&cat=all

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  1. Very cute! I think you did a great job capturing Bobbie. Good luck, and enjoy it all.