Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update on the Weight Loss Front_

I am starting to lose the weight I gained during my surgery/recovery. I gained about 8 lbs over the time where the cyst ruptured and just after my surgery.. so it was about a month or so. I was down 2.7 lbs the weigh in before last and this past weigh in I was up a few ounces. But not a big deal, it's just water bloat. Next week will be better.

I am trying to get back into a exercise routine again. I have only really been cleared to walk a little but it's better than nothing! I can also life up to 10 lbs so I have been doing some toning with my 5 lb weight as well. I really need to get my arms toned up so I can get my tattoo and not have flabby arms!

I especially need to drop a few more pounds so I can get into the clothes I just bought LOL! Gosh, I hope my pants fit. I ordered my usual size but when I was out a few wks ago I tried on what I thought would fit at Target and I had to buy the next size up. I forgot that Target's pants run smaller and the Large size from Fashion Bug is still too big on me so I am thinking it will be ok.


  1. You have a great attitude about your fitness. It's so motivating! I've already decided after I have this baby that I'll be doing WW to get back to a healthy weight. Keep up your good work, and your great attitude =)

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