Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fly Baby Fly!

Well, last night I maed and printed up a bunch of flyers to pass out around my neighborhood. Maybe I can get some scrap for hire jobs out of it too LOL. Ok, so I wont hold my breath on that one. I also bought myself a prepaid cell phone so that I don't have strange(r) people calling my house looking for me. Well that and incase of emergency.

So it looks like Im really gunna do this... and now that reality is setting in.. I'm getting nervous lol.

Oh and if I start to hate it.. please somebody smack me because even though DH agreed to let me have a stab at it.. he said and I quote "I reserve the right to say I told you so" and there is nothing I hate more than when he proves me wrong. There's no way, I'm letting him be right.

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