Monday, March 26, 2007

I win, I win, I win!!!!

Holy crap it's a freakin miracle!


About a month or so ago, I told Dh and kids that if they wanted clean clothes then they needed to bring them down to me and I would be happy to wash and fold them. But if they failed to do so then they could do it themselves.

Ok so tonight, I'm folding some towels and Dh asks me to do his uniforms for work. I said "Sure honey, go get em" (this is where it gets interesting).

He says something to the effect of No, or something assanign like that, I dunno I wasn't really listening.

So I said "Fine ok then you can do them yourself." And went upon my business. For an hour and a half, I made little comments like "Wow our laundry smell SO good with this new detergent I just bought!" and "I just love how well this cheap ass fabric softener works!" as I folded the laundry.

So, we finish watching a show that we had previously recorded on the DVR, he hands me the remote (signal that he's going to bed) and gets up. I get up and follow him (he likes to be tucked in and kissed goodnight) upstairs. On my way up, I'm picking up wads of strewn about toliet paper b/c my 3 and 4 yr olds think it's just the funnest toy ever! I swear being the only girl in this house who uses TP the most often, we go through more TP than an entire HOUSE FULL of girls.

Anyway, he starts throwing his dirty clothes into the hallway. (HOLY FREAKIN MIRACLE!) I'm silently snickering, I smile and sweetly say "Oh thanks babe!". I tuck him into bed, take his clothes, throw them into the wash and come straight here to post my victory.

Ahh, yes, victory is mine.


  1. ROFL - good for you - that's the least he can do - love it!

  2. They really can be so darn dense sometimes, can't they? I hope he's learned his lesson. :)

  3. Your are training him well. Now if only you could get him to do the dishes??? Think about that girl. HUH!!! Sounds good don't it. hehehe

  4. Hehehe, yeah pigs will probably fly first LOL!

  5. Good for you! I've always refused to do laundry for significant others and my last really suffered because, though he's well into his 30s, he had no clue how to do it himself! Sad, isn't it?

  6. These are the moments when I realise how truly blessed I am. My darling not only takes care of most of the chores, he doesn't even grumble about it, although he does sometimes tell me off for causing a mess in 'his' kitchen. He's always been willing to do his share, but since he retired and I work from home, he's pretty much taken over all the household stuff.

  7. Isn't is great when they finally get the hint!!! I have been trying that with my DH, but with him it's wiping off the counters in the kitchen after he is done fixing up some food. I told him I was gonna start putting up post-it notes everywhere, LOL