Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time to get personal...

Gunna try to do this more often, because really besides my kids, digiscrapping, and designing I really do have a a life. Somewhere in there it's hiding out.

Anyway, on to the actual topic of this post.. I have been struggling with my weight the last few years. I had it under control for the most part and then once I got 15 lbs from goal, I got comfortable. And then came the winter months.... and the winter blues. Which added 24 lbs back on.. so now here I am AGAIN for what feels like the 8 millionth time starting back on Weight Watchers. And maybe a weekly post here will help keep me accountable, at least if I know people are reading it. As of today I have 38 pounds to lose.

Yesterday started the beginning of my journey on the CORE plan and I think I did pretty good. I only had a few non-CORE items and pretty much stuck to serving sizes.

And then......... the MAN came home bearing girl scout cookies. I had a couple, as much as I really wanted to eat the whole box, I didn't. So YAY me.. BOO him. ;)


  1. Hey, at least it's not 138 which is more like what I need to lose! Great job starting out. You're right, GS cookies, and those who deliver them, are evil. :)

  2. I am sooooo with you on the weight loss struggles! I've done WW 2 times and I REALLY need to get back on. Good Luck!

  3. totally with ya -- I've lost just over 50lbs on the CORE plan (in just over 6 months)and LOVE IT!! Just 12 more to hit goal --

    I found your blog throught Hummies blog party and will definitey have to come back and check you out throughout the week :)

    good luck on WW :)