Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Conversations with a 6 yr old....

6 yr old: "Mom can we have a dog?"

Me: "No we can't have a dog."

6 yr old: (implied whining) "Why?????"

Me: "We have enough pets."

6 yr old: "We don't have ANY pets!"

Me: "What do you think you are?"

6 yr old: "I'm a kid!!!"

Me: (laughing) "But I have to feed you, clean up after you, love you, and exercise you right?"

6 yr old: "yeah....."

Me: "well then...."

**Disclaimer- In no way shape or form do I treat my children like animals, even if they do act like them from time to time**


  1. That is so funny! Kids say the cutest things!

  2. LOL so much fun! TFS!

  3. Ain't that the truth! Kids are so funny :)

    Have A Great Weekend!!