Monday, July 2, 2007

Major Procrastination

So, I've got some major procrastinating going on today.. not that I don't want to work.. I just get caught up in the "clickage".

I am participating in the Amazing Digiscrap Race. I am partnered up with Pamela Gibson and together we are the (Dynamic) Designer Duo! I added the Dynamic.. it has a nice ring to it.
We have a race blog set up, you can get to it by clicking the Designer Dup blinkie right over there in the sidebar. We haven't done much with it just yet since the race has yet to start.

In other news, Micheline Martin and I are working on a collab kit together. We don't expect it to be ready for purchase for a few weeks as we both have commitments that are keeping us tied up for the next few weeks but it is in the works! I can tell you this, it will be fantastic! Micheline is a gem to work with. We both sold together at SOTB and at OAKS and even though we don't sell together in a store, I have the pleasure of being her Head DigiHottie CTM.

Tomorrow is my middle son's 6th birthday.. really Im not sure where the time went. He has just graduated Kindergarten and will be starting First grade next week (year round education). Boy, time sure does fly by. Before you know it, I will be sending yet another one off to school! But with the next one, it will be a blessing lol. I love him to pieces but he sure is a handful and a half! He's the one who played barber on his baby brother.

Anyway, I think that's about it. Im being kicked off my computer so my mom can look something up online. Thanks for reading!

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