Friday, July 6, 2007

I am so NOT ready for this!

I thought that I was ans I know it's going to be fine, I just hate the anticipation of "can he handle this?" and not knowing til 2:30 when he gets home how it all went. And then he'll come home and everything will have went off without a hitch. After the first week, I'll be fine lol.

If you haven't guessed yet, my son has started 1st grade.

Last night, we went to the Back to School night for my 11 yr old and my 6 yr old. I met with Braeden's (6 yr old) teacher. He seems pretty nice, but not too nice that the kids will get away with too much. He's consistant and I like that. He's been teaching for 13 yrs, most of that has been 1st grade. he said he taught 2nd grade one year and 8th grade another but he loves teaching the 1st graders.

He seems to be one of those teachers who goes beyond the district standards but not in a pushy way. He has reasonable expectations, so that's nice.

I also met with Alex's teacher but I already know her because she was his teacher last year. She moved up to 6th grade with her class this year so it's nice that they will have that consistancy and I like her too.

Next month, I will have to meet with Kyle's teachers, which will be interesting because he is starting 7th grade and will have multiple teachers, plus we have issues they should know about.

Anway, I think that's it for now. I have to get my butt in gear and get cleaning before the kids get back from the park and mess it up! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. I know I know, i have six kids,and it never gets easier, as time rushes by... hang in there... they do bring brand new adventures though

  2. I so know what you mean! I have been trout that twice with both of my kids...good luck!! before you will noticed it will be all over and he will be in second grade.

  3. I think the last one is the hardest - like it's really real when they start first grade. On the other hand you'll have some more free time!

  4. I know just what you mean. They start on their 5th birthday here in New Zealand. (And in Australia my older DD started at 4 - uniform, full day, the whole works). But now way was I ready for Maddie to start!

    YRE school sounds tough on the parents if you have more than one kid.

    Lynn G

  5. Lynn-

    You'd think that it would be hard but it's really not. Most siblings are put on the same schedules so that vacations and such can be planned. We never go anywhere so it's not that big of a deal for us lol. I have 2 kids on the same schedule and 1 that isn't but that was because we moved here mid-year and we had to put himwhere they had space. But I think that even if they had had space for him on the same track as his brothers, we'd have opted for a different one because when they are all home together they fight.

    It's really worked out for us because I have more help with the younger kids.