Friday, July 20, 2007

Didn't you know? It's like having a newborn again!

*DUH* Just smack me in the forehead now.

Potty Training is going pretty well.. Greyson now refuses to wear pull-ups and only wants "Big Boy Undies", great! except he isn't quite night-trained. Yesterday, we had a short outing and decided to try it in undies and not a pull-up and he did great!

He stayed dry overnight last night.. however, he woke up twice to go potty. So, I woke up to "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, I gotta go POOOOTTTTTTTYYYYYY!" at 1 and 4 am. I'm thinking, "Dude, the gate is not up and the bathroom is right there.." and then I remember.. oh wait he's 3 and don't you know 3 yr olds have to announce everything.. so do 4 yr olds hence the "hehehe I farted" comments followed by incessant giggling 10x a day. And it's not like you can ignore the announcements because if you even think about trying, they just get louder lol.

Umm do I have anything else to blog about.. hmm I can't think of anything. If I do, you can be sure you'll be hearing from me lol. Kind of an abrupt ending but I'm having a mommy moment.. you know the ones when your brain goes to mush and oozes out of your ear? Yeah, that's the one lol.

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  1. My little one (just turned 3) is doing the potty training thing also. She's doing awesome but is doing the same thing your little one is doing...refusing to wear a pull-up at night. Yours has one up on mine though...she doesn't wake up to go potty at night. Instead she gets in bed next to me, falls asleep and then wakes me up by peeing all over me. Nice, huh? Now that's what you call a true mommy moment. LOL