Sunday, July 1, 2007

2 Product reviews and a SALE!

First of all, Digital Freebies is having a storewide sale to commemorate the 4th, so everything excluding any commercial items are 50% off through the 4th so RUN over there and do some shoppin!

Ok now that that is out of my system, I have some product reviews for y'all.

Up first: does a GORGEOUS job on prints. I was having one heck of a time finding an online printing service that took paypal AND did 8x10 prints. All I wanted to do was get the inserts for my memory purse done..but all my money was stuck in my paypal account. So I posted over at DST and even though she doesn't offer them, Christine Smith over at ScrapQuick was willing to do 8x10 inch prints for me at the 8x8 inch price. What a sweetheart! And it gets better.. I ordered sometime last week and it only took about a week (or less) to have them in my hands and they are GORGEOUS! The color is amazing, so bright and vivarant, they are just amazing! and a pretty good price too. The 8x8 price is 1.50 per print and a flat rate shipping fee of $5.

So thank you thank you THANK you Christine Smith!!

Second, I got a free Venus Breeze razor in the mail the other day. It's one of those razors that has the built in shave gel in it. Not the one with body butters that looks like it's about the size of an early 90's cell phone, this one is smaller andit's purple. It does get a little slimey when wet but it does a really good job at getting a close shave and no fuss with any extra shave gel or anything, just get it wet and go to town!


Yesterday, my mom and SIL picked me and the kids up and we went to my brother's softball game. Which we didn't even see any of because we were busy having a picnic and visiting with my Aunt, who was in town from San Diego, and my Gramma. I have never been so relaxed around my children in my life lol. I guess it's alot easier when they are kept quiet by shoving food iin their faces lol. Since I got a break, I gave my SIL a break from my niece. She's 12 months and SIL is about 15 wks pregnant and just worn out and frazzled. I remember that feeling, plus I like to snuggle with Lexi every chance I get. That child is a pig LOL! She ate just about everything and anything. Mainly she wanted the fruit, which I totally don't blame her, it was really sweet. So she horked down some watermelon and cantaloupe, had a bite of cheese and lunchmeat, but that wasn't fruit so back to the melon lol. Oh and some cookies too.

She fell asleep before we even left the parking lot lol. Good thing we had about a 30-45 min ride home.

We were supposed to go to my MIL's tonight for a BBQ and to celebrate DS #3's birthday (it's on Tuesday) but DH left me stranded without a car b/c he thought his bike was fixed when he picked it up and it's not, they are still waiting for parts so he had to take the truck to the race. So my mom is kidnapping my kids for the day, ahhh quiet, what will I do with myself??


  1. Two Bloggin MomsJuly 1, 2007 at 11:02 AM

    Ooo, enjoy your quiet day! What a treat!
    Off to look at the sale!

    (Great product reviews,by the way)!

  2. ahh a day without the kids. What to do?? Scrap lol!