Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 2 of no Diet Coke....

Has failed miserably as I sit here drinking a 20 oz Diet Coke..

My actual intent was not to stop drinking soda or caffiene.. just to stop buying it as much. I fully intended to allow myself that 1 cup of coffee in the morning so I'm not a complete raving lunatic. However, I am too lazy to brew a pot of coffee. I mean I would have to grind beans, wash coffee pot, wash coffee filter (ours takes a perm mesh filter), pour fresh water into the machine, and hit start. Too many steps for a non-morning person at 7 am who's been woke up by someone jumping on her head. I think I need one of those machines that only brew one giant ass cup of coffee. I'm the only one who drinks it anyway.

Backtracking to Last night, by 10 pm I was exhasuted because I had not had any caffiene all day. DH says "What's wrong with you, it's only 10:15" So I said "umm I'm tired? I haven't had any caffiene all day so now Im tired." He says, "I like you better this way." Umm??

My response, "You LIKE me better bitchy??" Note to self.. be a raving lunatic...LOL.

Where was I going with this? Not sure BUT I do have something funny for y'all to watch even funnier than the Mirapex commercial.. which IMO was damn funny lol. Anyway.. A few weeks back, DH and I were flipping through On Demand movies to watch. I saw one called Black Sheep and I said "hmm what's Black Sheep?" DH clicks on view trailer since there was one available to watch and OMG! I think this is quite possibly the CHEESIEST horror flick EVER. And I've seen my fair share of 80's horror flicks lol. Also, it's not even a US film.. it's a Aussie/New Zealand film but omg the trailer was cracking me up, it was seriously bad. I called my friend and was telling her and her DH didn't believe that it was a real movie so I found the trailer on Youtube just to prove it was real lol.

So, ok.. here you go enjoy.. just make sure there are no kiddies around when you do watch it.

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