Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend started out rough.. ended up nice :)

Like I mentioned on Thursday, Friday was our 11th anniversary. DH was supposed to have to work away this weekend, so we had hoped to at least go see a movie Friday night. I asked my mom to babysit, but she couldnt because she was already babysitting my niece. I will admit that I was upset. Granted I did ask her at the last minute and they asked her first but it wasn't like she didn't know it was our anniversary and didn't think to ask if we wanted to do something. Petty, yes, I am not above admitting it. But I was hurt b/c we never have any $$ to do anything and we rarely get time away by ourselves. My brother only has 1 kid and they go out ALL the time. So yes, I was mad. I am over it :)

Anyway, instead DH and I ordered Chinese food and I went and picked it up. The kids went to bed, DH fell asleep on the couch and I watched tv, surfed on my laptop, and slept alone.

Saturday, DH worked his regular job and called home too say he didn't have to go up north for the race that day but he did have to go Sunday. We attempted to take the kids out to McD's for soft serve cones but their machines were broken. So, instead we picked up a couple packages of cones at the grocery store and headed to the park. It was nice, the playground portion sucked.. not much for them to do. They had a climbing structure and that was it. The park across the street with all the fun stuff... there was a party going on there and we didn't want the kids to crash it lol.

So they played tag a bit and ran around. DH took em home while I ran to my mom's to pick up dinner.

My mom and I started going to one of those places where you go prep your dinners, bring em home, freeze em and cook em later. We did it as a trial thing b/c they just opened and we had alot of fun. It's actually pretty reasonably priced. It's like $18.95 per entree but the entrees serve 6 and come with additional sides, like pasta, potatoes, or rice, depepnding on the dish.

We had made an appt to go again yesterday but I couldn't b/c I didn't have anyone to look after the kids so she went alone. Hence, why I had to go to her house to pick up dinner lol. We had Bleu Cheese Burgers and mashed potatoes, YUMMY!

My mom came over and picked up the older boys for an overnighter. They usually go to her house on the weekends and do odd jobs for her and she pays them, so this time she just took them overnight. I put on a movie for the 3 little boys and 2 of them fell asleep halfway through lol.

Today, Im just relaxing and doing some laundry. I think the boys are going stir crazy but I don't have a car today, DH took it to the races so I dont have much of a choice in the matter.

Side note: The Ambien is working great, Im getting lots of sleep and Im not sleep walking or driving :)

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