Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So Excited!

Why you ask? Well, I'm getting rid of my kids. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids but we all need a break, especially when you never get one. My DH works pretty much 7 days a week, 5- 10 hr days + 1 half day (Saturdays) at his FT job and 2 days (Sat/Sun) at his PT job.

Last night DH calls from works and says, get a sitter for Sunday. I said ok, where are we going?

Yosemite, he says.... on the bike with Steve and Sarah. "Dude, my ass is going to hurt", I say.

So, I call my mom because she owes me for not babysitting on our actual anniversary. She says yes! So we arrange to have the kids spend the night at her house on Saturday so we can just take off early Sunday morning. I'm thinking breakfast at IHOP sounds good before we go lol.

We also decide that since Saturday morning, DH and I are going to go to my mom's and pick our BBQ my brother gave us and pick up the new one my mom bought for herself, we'd bring steaks over and BBQ at my mom's and just leave without the kids.

DH also informed me that his friend and girlfriend want to take ALL 5 of my kids to the beach on Monday, without us. Umm.. ok, no refunds.

Recap- Saturday night no kids, Sunday all day no kids, Monday all day no kids and possibly we will no longer have these people as friends after they spend the entire day with our children, involving a 2 hr car trip. Oh did I mention, my oldest gets carsick? No? Hehe.


  1. trust me, I know exactly what you mean when saying you're getting rid of the kids. Being an expat and a SAHM with a very busy hubby, I know the feeling :-)
    oh whow, that alpha looks fabulous. Really great !!Adding it to my wishlist for when I have some new cash in mu paypal !!

  2. OK, first I need to say, lol. I was reading past entries and your writing just cracks me up. I could so totally see the watermelon flinging across the kitchen!
    Anyway, enjoy your time without the kiddos! Great kit too.

  3. WOW lovin the new stuff...we need to trade some gc's:) miss ya!!