Thursday, August 23, 2007

Instead of Melon Balling they should call it Melon Flinging!

Because that's pretty much what happened lol.

This morning I ventured out with 4 of my kids to the grocery store, if you saw the recent Ebay auction about the mother of 6 and the Pokemon (or whatever they were) cards, it pretty much went like that except I came home with everything I intended to. Even the kids.

I bought a big watermelon because they were cheap and I thought my kids would enjoy it. I know I enjoy sticky fingers and dirt covered fruit.

So, I just decided I would take a break from designing and go scoop out the melon with a metal TBSP. Well, I managed to actually scoop about 5 balls before they started flying out of the scoop and and across the kitchen. So I graduated to an ice cream scoop because I don't actually own a melon-baller. So instead of grape-sized balls of watermelon I have tennis-ball size scoops of watermelon sitting in my fridge. Ok so maybe it's more like golf-ball sized, but you get the picture.

I've also decided (read not enough money) that I will stop drinking so much soda. I am addicted, I admit it. Hi, my name is Blythe and I am addicted to Diet Coke. So, instead of the ever so tempting Buy 2 (12 packs) get 1 free, I bought Seltzer water and a lemon instead. Before you say Ew, I actually like it so it's ok *wink*. I just need my carbonation, I don't care what it is as long as it's bubbly. Last week, I thought about it but Coke was on sale Buy 2 Get 3.. kinda hard to pass up. Decided to put off confronting my addiction by a week lol.

I feel like I've achieved so much today, yet in reality, I bought food and scooped flung watermelon balls.

YAY me!


  1. Great blog! It's a good move to cut back on sodas, good thing you're doing that! Keep it up!

  2. My two year old grabbed the watermelon off the counter and dropped it on the floor. Always good times with kids and watermelons.

  3. that's exactly how I weaned myself off coke. I then went to water and lemon. I've tried the melon baller and never had any success.