Friday, July 13, 2012

A Day Off...

This is so weird. I took last night off of work because my niece was coming for a visit and I wanted to actually be able to spend some time with her. So I got up a bit earlier than usual and she arrived a few hours later. Once Dan got home, we went out and sat on the porch for a few hours til dinner.. drinking and talking. We had a good time.

I decided I was going to actually sleep like a normal human last night instead of taking a nap and getting back up at 2 am. I slept like a rock. Straight through til 6 am. I never sleep straight through. So now here it is almost 930 am, pretty much everyone is awake and Dan is at work. The boys have taken over my living room with their video games and what not and I've been banished to my room. Usually at this time of the morning I am sleeping, so I have no idea what to do with myself right now. And I don't have a car so I can't really go anywhere. Oh, and Im hungry.

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