Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Girly Day Out.. Sorta

As girly as it can get when you have two BOYS tagging along! It all started this morning when I was getting ready to go get my nails fixed. I was physically unable to do my hair and I snapped. I had decided that I was going to attempt to grow it back out again. My best friend is getting married (in like a year and a half!) and I decided that I wanted to be able to have 'wedding hair'. So, like I said I snapped. I called my hair dresser, who said "Can you be here in 45 minutes?" Uh. Yes, Yes I can.

I. Hacked. It. Off.

We went from this:

To this:

Then we went and got my nails done. I really needed a fill super bad and they were just getting way too long. Besides, I wanted to try this manicure that I saw on Pintrest. It came out super cute.. see?

Then it was off to Target because my 11 yr old, Braeden scored a bunch of gift cards for his birthday. He decided that he wanted to own (and read!) the entire Harry Potter book series. Target had the first 6 books for $9 and the 7th book was $15. So he bought the first 6 and we bought the 7th and also another book called The Tales of Beetle the Bard by JK Rowling as our birthday gift to him. I am so glad I have a child who would rather have books than toys!

We also had to pick up an air mattress because we will have company here almost all month! Our oldest boy, Kyle,is home from school for a few weeks, then next week our oldest niece will be visiting for a few days and then the week after that Alex has a friend coming up from California to spend time with us. 

And of course, I needed some new makeup. I kind of scored on the makeup because I forgot that e.l.f was sold at Target. I had really wanted a copper gold bronze color eyeshadow because it really makes blue eyes pop. So I ended up with this shade, Golden Goddess, and it is so pretty! My husband is going to freak out but I was just looking at all the other pigment colors they have and I think I need to have them all. The good news? They are only $3 a piece.

Also ended up with a matching liquid eyeliner, a black cream eyeliner, some lip stuff, and a new bronzer for my face. Oh and moisturizer... can't forget that! All in all.. between the gift cards and my Target card, I only spent $22 out of pocket, not bad!

I also bought some new clothes for summer... some short maxi dresses to wear around the house and to the pool and some tee shirts and tank tops I can wear to work.

By the time we got home, it was dnner and I was too tired to go skating. So instead, I dyed my hair all one color and played with my new makeup. Then I took a nap... in full hair and makeup.

So how was your day?

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