Monday, July 9, 2012

So, I Am Trying Something I Saw On Pintrest...

Seems to be a recurring thing here doesn't it? I like to try new things, especially things that claim you can lose 5 lbs of water weight in just 7 days, The Healthy Way! So I said, ok.. what do I have to lose? Nothing really... so here we go.

You are supposed to drink 60 ounces of this concoction everyday for a week. It consists of:

60 oz drinking water
1 tbsp sugar free cranberry juice
1 Dandelion Root tea bag
2 tbsp lemon juice

You are supposed to drink 60 oz of this concoction every day for a week. There were no real instructions to this recipe so I used some of the water from the jug to brew the tea in and then poured it back in the jug along with everything else and put it in the fridge. I made 2 days worth so I didn't have to make it everyday. I am guessing that you can still eat and drink healthfully since it didn't say you couldn't.

This is Day 1 for me.. I started last night when I went to work.So far I have peed 800 times. I'll keep you updated.

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